Jazz Mobilink 3g 4g Internet Setting for all Android IOS

Jazz Mobilink 3g 4g Internet Setting for all Android IOS

Today lets learn about Jazz Mobilink 3g 4g internet setting for all mobiles and devices. In this article you will learn the internet configuration method of the jazz mobilink for Android mobile and IOS mobiles. Jazz APN setting and Names Cod setting for android and IOS devices which enable networks or enable internet for that mobile and device so this jazz internet also famous with the name Mobilibk 3g 4g Internet setting for Android or IOS devices Mobiles so try to read this post complete and you will learn the configuration method of the internet for the Jazz easily. In today world every person like and want to use 3g 4g networks for their mobiles device so it is have many benefits and positive points as well. Like it give us fast network speed as well which is able to communicate through it with the world. So it is possible after the setting of jazz internet of 3g 4g for your mobile device. When you done it than you can use jazz 3g 4g internet on your mobile. So today in this post we will share methods configuration Jazz Mobilink 3g 4g internet setting for all devices Mobiles Android and IOS as well .after reading this article you will able to configure your Jazz 3g 4g Molink internet setting and configuration setting for your Device. So here in this post we will share jazz APN setting and much more configuration which is must for it so read it and implement it and you will see you network will work correctly.

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Jazz Mobilink 3g 4g Internet Setting for all Devices Mobiles

There are many ways to configure the Jazz Mobilink internet for Android or IOS mobiles so we will try to share all the ways to you peoples which one you select you can and configure you device through it. First is easy method which is for educated peoples and 2f methods is also easy which is with images so in 2n method we will show you the whole Jazz Mobilink 3g 4g internet setting with images which is can be more easy for you peoples. So select one which you want and enjoy jazz mobilink internet. So let’s see all the methods.

1 Automatically (when insert Sim)

When you insert you sim card in your mobile device they will send you a code and setting of the intern 3g 4g from the company side just follow the massages this process will help you to configure the internet for your device easily. In the massages they normally send the code when you open the massage just click on install and when they asking for the code just give the code which given you in the first message and save it the whole process is in the messages when they sent to your mobile.

2 Call to Help center (111)

This is easy good way to configure jazz internet for you mobile with the help of company call center assistant. You need to tell them the name of you mobile than they will jazz Mobilink 3g internet cod and Jazz APN setting for that device which you have and you need to follow the steps which the assistant tell you during the phone call and you whole internet setting will be Ok after it and you can use the Jazz Mobilink 3G 4G Internet on you mobile now. This method wills done your jazz Mobilink 3g 4g Internet setting configuration for Android or IOS device.

Also try these two easy ways if you want.

  •          Or just send message to the 7243 and write internet in this SMS.
  •          If you want MMS setting than Write MSS and send it to the 7243.

3 Manually (Diff For Android and IOS)

Manually methods of Android are difference than IOS so first let’s see the process of Android than go for the IOS. Manually mean when you go for putting APN and Internet manually to the network setting which are explain in the below pictures.

Manually Method of Mobilink Jazz Internet setting for Android

This is manually method to configure Mobilink Jazz internet on your smartphone. You just need to follow this whole Step and it will give you the whole road path to the end which is enough to configure you mobile for jazz internet with it. Here are some pictures with description see the pictures and implement it on yours Android IOS Phone Mobiles.

Jazz internet setting for android

These are the Name and Jazz mobilink 3g 4g internet setting code  parameter for all android devices so configure it if you can otherwise go to the below and see the full method for its configurations.

Jazz Mobilink 3g 4g Internet Setting codes and parameters for android

Just go to Setting>Wireless & Networking >Mobile Networks>Access Points Names

Now see the above three dots or manue option click on it and add New APN now just configure new APN with this below chart

WAP Parameters
APN wap.mobilinkworld.com
Alternate APN jazzwap.mobilinkworld.com
Login name < blank >
Password < blank >
Authentication Normal
Wap gateway IP / Proxy Server Address
Port (if required) 8080
Connection type http
MCC 410 (by default)
MNC 01 (whatever is there by default)

For Jazz Mobilibk MMS setting you can configure the below chart

For Mobilink jazz MMS setting go to Mobile Setting >Wireless and Network>mobile networks>access points names Now search for menu key or above three dots click on it and Add New APN and set that APN with the below chart of the MMS configuration.

Configuration for MMS parameters
MMS APN for Prepaid jazzmms.mobilinkworld.com
MMS APN for Mobilink Postpaid mms.mobilinkworld.com
Login name mobilink
Password mobilink
Authentication Normal
Homepage http://mms/
Proxy Server Address
Port (if required) 8080
Connection type http

If you cannot configure it than you need this below methods which is with images easy good way to configure Jazz Mobilink 3g 4g internet setting for android.

Follow the steps which are in the below images with description and you will see that your work will be done.

jazz mobilink 3g 4g internet setting for Android mobiles devices

android internet settings for jazz


Now just on you 3g data in your mobile

Jazz Mobilink 3g 4g Internet Setting for IOS IPhone Apple Mobiles and Devices

Jazz internet setting for IOS IPhone Mobiles these methods with images which will help you to configure the internet for it

Go to Setting>General >Network>Cellular Data Network and you will see the APN Chart just click on the APN and See the Image configure it.

jazz Mobilink internet setting for IOS IPhone Apple

This was the article which was about Mobilink jazz APN setting configuration for android and IOS so try to share Jazz mobilink 3g 4g internet setting on social media as well.

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