Ufone Internet Setting for Android and IOS Apple

Ufone internet setting for all deviecs

Ufone internet setting for android and IOS apple IPhone Mobiles for all mobiles. Today we are going to know about ufone net setting or Ufone APN setting for android and iOS devices for all mobiles. You all know that today every person want 3G 4G internet from their telecommunication networks. So the networks companies like Jazz Zong Ufone Telenor they provide the 3g 4g facility them in most of areas. So when we trying to use 3g 4g net or internet than we go for the package subscription which is an easy cheap way to use the internet services. So if anyone wants to use the internet service of any networks they must need to configure Ufone Zong Jazz Telenor for their smartphone must first. For every network there is a difference setting so we will share Ufone APN Setting or Ufone Net setting so after these process you internet can be usable and you can enjoy internet through your smart phone. You will see in this post there is two types of setting for ufone networks one for the Android mobile and one for the IPhone Apple IOS mobiles. So let’s see the Ufone Internet Setting for Android and IOS Apple devices as well. After reading this article you will be able to configure any device for the Ufone 3G 4g internet.

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Ufone Internet setting for android and IOS Apple

There are many ways to configure Ufone Internet for your mobile device so we will share all the better ways and you just need to select one and configure through it which you want.

There are three ways to configure Ufone internet for you mobiles

  1.  SMS
  2.  Call to Help Center
  3.  Manually

1 Through SMS

When you put your Sim card in Android or IOS mobile than you will receive the setting from the Ufone Network they send some configuration just click on and install it save it you will support from the SMS as well which send to you from the Ufone. This method is same for all devices.

2 Call to Help Center (333)

From your Ufone sim call to 333 help center and press button for call to helpline and say to them for network configuration they will ask from you device name and give them complete information’s they will send you the configuration and also they will tell you what to do this is also way for the all mobiles owners.

3 Manually Method

This is manually method which is difference for Android and IOS Apple IPhone mobile. So we will share this manually methods for IPhone and Android in pictures forms which is more easy way so first let’s see the Ufone Internet setting for android than go for the Apple.

Ufone Internet Settings for Android

internet settings of ufone for iphone

Now let’s see the Ufone internet setting for the devices which are run the Android System which will work for all the android devices like Samsung HTC Q Mobile LG Sony etc. it will work on all the android devices just configure through it and enjoy it.

  1. Got to →Setting of the mobile
  2. Then click on the →More in WLAN & Networks
  3. Now in more click on the →Access Points
  4. See the pictures as well which will help you
  5. Now see the process in the images

ufone net setting

Ufone internet setting for android mobiles    ufone net setting


When you go in the access points setting than see the Table which is the APN NAME PORT setting of the Ufone internet for the android in the Below table so configure it. So set these below parameter to the name etc.

<Blank> mean empty leave it empty

When you configure the parameter your internet is ready for use and enjoy the ufone internet 3g 4g which is fastest ever.

ufone apn settings

Ufone 3G/4G Parameters
Name Ufone GPRS
APN ufone.pinternet (for prepaid)
APN ufone.internet  (for postpaid)
Proxy < blank >
User name < blank >
Password < blank >
MCC 410 (by default)
MNC 01 (use whatever is there by default)
Authentication Normal
Port (if required) 8080
Connection type HTTP
Network type IPv4

Ufone MMS Settings

Ufone MMS settings which is also need of the peoples so this is the MMS setting follow the below steps and configure the ufone internet setting.

Go to →Main menu

Click on the  Wireless and networks→ Mobile Networks

Click on →Access Point Names (APN)

Now Press the menu button

Click on the New APN and edit following parameters which are given to you below in the table

MMS Configuration Parameters
MMS APN for Ufone Prepaid ufone.pmms
MMS APN for Ufone Postpaid ufone.mms
Login name < blank >
Password < blank >
Authentication Normal
MMSC http://www.ufonemms.com:80/
MMS Proxy Server Address
Port (if required) 8080
APN type MMS

This was the Ufone internet setting for the android devise configuration of the ufone networks so now let’s see the manually setting of the ufone internet g for the IOS IPhone Apple Devices.

You MMS setting of done now enjoy Ufone MMS and share this process with others as well.

Ufone Internet Settings for IOS IPhone Apple Devices

Ufone Internet Settings for IOS IPhone Apple Devices

The below methods is for the IPhone devices mobiles which is the complete configuration for it. So follow the below information for the IOS Net setting of ufone.

Manual Ufone internet Configuration for I-Phone

Press On the →Menu Button

Now Click on →Setting

Now Click on →General

Click on →Network

Click on the Cellular/Mobile Data

And now you will be in the APN Setting of Ufone for IOS

So click on it and configure as below chart

Names Parameters
APN Ufone.internet
Password/User Name < blank >

Now MMS setting for the Ufone in IOS mobles devices.

Names Parameters
APN Ufone.mms   (For Prepaid) ufone.pmms
Password/User Name < blank >

Now your ufone internet setting for IOS apple is completed just turn on your data and enjoy the 3g 4g services of the ufone.

This was the article which was help from us which was possible from our side so if we commit a mistake so pleas share it with us in comments and share this post on social media as well if you want us to continue our works more. And do not to share this article Ufone internet setting for Android and IOS Apple IPhone devices.
if you have still problem in configuration than you can watch this videos as well video of Ufone internet setting for android and IOS

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