Zong internet setting 3g 4G configuration for all Mobiles

zong internet 3g 4g setting configuration for all mobiles

Zong internet setting configuration for all mobiles devices Mobiles with images video support. So let’s know about it we will try to share the accurate and meaningful information about this issues. After reading this article you will be able to configure all the phones devices 3g 4g setting of zong internet. Please read it carefully because there are a lot of mobile phone companies so we are trying to share the whole mobile phones companies’ zong internet configuration setting. Every phone have their own interface of setting so try to understand one carefully than you can face all easy. We will also provide video for more help below in article you also watch it which can guide you in more easy way. So let’s see zong internet setting 3g 4g configuration for android apple Samsung etc. remember that one setting for the android is also work on all the Samsung q mobile HTC like android mobiles devices. For iPhone we also provide guide so let’s read it. This setting work on all devices IOS android etc.

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Zong Internet Setting 3G 4G for all Mobiles

There are three ways to configure or zong internet setting to any mobile device. So these three methods are work on all the mobile phones easily just need to implement it and enjoy it.

  1. Through SMS

Through SMS this is easy and first methods to configure your zong internet in your mobile phone.

How to Do it

You will need to send text message to the 2161 they will send the internet and MMS setting for your android or IOS mobile. Just send all to the 2161 than you will receive the text message when you open it you will see the install option click on it and install it. now it will asking about code so enter the code 1234 in it now press install your setting will be save through this process. This SMS is fully free of any charge. This is easy process which can be work correctly and ok enjoy it. If you want to configure it on other way which we have 2nd way as well let’s see it.

         2. Manual setting working on all devices

For Android Devices Mobiles

But do remember here we are show in setting for the android phone which work on Samsung qmobile HTC all the android devices see in the picture below the whole process of the android setting of the zong internet.

  1. Go to menu and click on the setting which circled with red color.

android mobile internet 3g 4g setting

2.Now stope in the wireless and network place and see the Mobile Data or network setting now just click in it and go further next.

  1. You will see a long list of option now just scroll down and search for the access points names.

  1. When you find access point’s names now just click on it to open

  1. After clicking on access point names you will be in the APNs setting

  1. Now you can see the three white dots which circled with red color click on it

  1. After clicking you will see the new APN just click on it and see the images below.

  1. This is the setting which needs to set than our internet will be configuring well and it will be working well. So first click on the Name and set the name which given to you in the below images.

  1. Now set the name in the box which is zong internet and press the ok Butten it will be ok now.

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  1. Now you can see the 2 number which is APN click on it and see the setting of it which is in next images.

  1.  So set the APN name as ZongWap without space and press ok Butten now.

  1.  Now you can see we configure the 1 and 2 APN and Name before setting it was like in the images empty text now we write something in it. So now we need to set it and save it. it will start working after some little setting. Now just click on the above three dots which circled with red color.

  1.  After clicking on above white dots circled with red color you will see two options Save Discard now need to click on save.

zong ka internet setting andriod keleya

  1. Now you need to focus on your setting that after saving it the zonginternet will be circled with the bid Dot so we need to circle the zong Internet and after sometime you will see the 3g 4g will start working on your android device mobile. This is the complete setting for the 3g 4g zong internet setting configuration for the android mobiles devices.

Now let’s see the Zong Internet setting 3g 4g configuration for IOS apple IPhone mobile setting .

For IOS IPhone Apple

Like the above images or setting whole process we need to set the internet for the IPhone as well. Just go the setting and click on General you can see in the images below after that clikc on the network than enable 3G and Cellular Data now click on the Cellular Data Network nad you will see the APN Username and much just configure it with the below configuration and enjoy it.

IPhones IOS internet 3g 4g setting

This is the whole setting which needs to be in the IPhone or Android so we done for Android now do it for IPhone.

APN name Internet
APN zonginternet
Authentication Type: None
APN Type default

This is for the MMS Setting set if you want MMS also

APN name MMS
APN zongmms
MMS Port 8000
APN Type mms

       3.   Call to 310 Help center

The 3rd way to do zong internet setting 3g 4g configuration for the all the mobile phone that is to call direct to the help center and get support from them. They will help you a lot if you want to call them.

If you still have problem than watch this videos as well.

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