Best mobile internet package in Saudi Arabia


Which is the cheapest internet sim in Saudi Arabia?

I definitely advise using STC or Zain as they are the best SIM cards in Saudi Arabia. The best network, coverage, and overall mobile internet speed are all provided by STC. The quickest and largest 5G NR network is Zain.

Sawa packages




Price with VAT Internet Social Media Call Activation
SAR 34.5 1 GB 1 GB 100 min Local 7030
SAR 40.25 1 GB 1 GB 60 min Local & Int’l Call 8116
SAR 74.75 4 GB 4 GB 120 min Local & Int’l Call 7066
SAR 86.25 10 GB 10 GB 500 min Local 7175
SAR 115 15 GB 25 GB 300 min Local & Int’l Call 7095
SAR 132.25 25 GB 25 GB UL STC to STC, 500 min All Local 7115
SAR 195.5 70 GB Unlimited UL STC to STC, 800 min All Local 7170
SAR 276 80 GB Unlimited 600 min Local & Int’l Call 7241
SAR 276 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited Local 7240


  • When Activated Send the SMS activation code to 900.
  • For a balance check, send 8888 to 900.
  • Send SMS 7009 to 900 to stop auto-renewal.
  • Every plan has a four-week validity period.
  • Social media includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp.
  • Send SMS sawa to 900 for New Sawa Plans.

how to check online mobile internet packages in Saudi Arabia

STC Call & Internet packages 2022.


STC Prepaid Sawa Daily Plans

Price Data Call Validity Activation Code
SAR 11.5  200MB 200 Min 1 Day 8111
SAR 17.25 1GB 400 Min 1 Day 7015


  • Send the activation code to 900 to start the subscription procedure.
  • Cancel Send the number 7009 to 900 if you don’t want the auto-renewal feature.
  • Call allows to STC and STC network.


STC Unlimited Plans

Price Data Validity Activation Code
SAR 20  Unlimited 1 Day 2120
SAR 100 Unlimited 1 Week 2162
SAR 350 Unlimited 1 Month 2161


  • For activation send the activation code to 900.
  • Type the message “2220” and send it to 900 for checking the remaining balance.


STC SAWA Internet Packages

Price Data Validity Activation Code
SAR 15  1GB 1 Week 2151
SAR 30 1GB 1 Month 2152
SAR 50 2GB 1 Month 2153
SAR 80 5GB 1 Month 2154
SAR 110 10GB 1 Month 2155
SAR 155 10GB 2 Month 2156
SAR 180 10GB 3 Month 2157
SAR 230 50GB 2 Month 2158
SAR 350 100GB 3 Month 2159
SAR 470 300GB 3 Month 2160


Cheapest Unlimited Internet in Saudi Arabia


Zain Unlimited Internet Packages

In Saudi Arabia, are you looking for a trustworthy and reasonably priced internet service provider? Look no further than the internet bundles from Zain. From the casual user who only needs a few gigs to stream music and movies to the businessperson who requires more broadband for their online work, Zain offers a wide choice of internet packages that are ideal for everyone. Because of their incomparable costs, you may be confident that you’re getting excellent service at a fantastic price. In order for you to compare each internet package with other packages, we are giving you access to all internet packages for the Zain network on a single page.


Daily Unlimited Internet 11 SAR Send DUL to 959 Send DDUL to 959
Daily Unlimited Calls & Internet 15 SAR Send AUL to 959 Send DAUL to 959
Weekly 5G Unlimited Data 85 SAR Send 420 to 959 Send 4202 to 959
Monthly 5G Unlimited Data 349 SAR Send 415 to 959 Send 4152 to 959
3 Months 5G Unlimited Data 999 SAR Send 417 to 959 Send 4172 to 959


How do I access Zain’s unlimited internet?

Sending the code “BC” to 959 will subscribe you to Zain’s unlimited internet service.


Who provides the best internet packages in KSA?


  • STC QuikNet Prepaid Plans.
  • Mobily Prepaid Data Plans.
  • Zain KSA Prepaid Plans.
  • Virgin Mobile Prepaid Internet Packages.
  • Friendi Prepaid Internet Packages.
  • Red Bull Mobile Data Plans.


STC Umrah Packages


Umrah SIM card from Saudi Arabia the Saudi Mobile Sim primarily serves as a practical and affordable tool for keeping in touch with loved ones. The Sim card may be used on more than 380 networks and provides calling, messaging, and data services both locally and to 190 international locations.

Without connection fees, you can make calls directly as you would at home and save up to 90% on roaming costs. If you are purchasing a SIM card from Saudi Arabia, bring your passport with you.



SAWA 65 package

  • 500 minutes STC calls
  • 2GB social data
  • 1GB mobile data 1GB WIFI data
  • Dial *888#

 SAWA shares 110 packages

  • Price: 110 SR
  • Calls Within the STC Network: Unlimited
  • Social Media: 10GB
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • Internet: 5GB
  • Wi-Fi Internet: 5GB
  • To Subscribe Send 7110 to 900
  • Validity 4 Weeks

How can I purchase a SIM card in Saudi Arabia?

Prepaid SIM cards are available in Saudi Arabia in retail establishments, airports, and online. To make the purchase, you will need to present identification, such as your passport or Iqama.

What is the cost of an STC sim card in Saudi Arabia?

The cost of the SIM is 5 SR, charged just once.


Mobile internet Offers:

Arab States Newest Internet Packages from Mobily at the Lowest Prices, Mobily Telecom Internet Packages New packages for Saudi Arabia were introduced by Mobily Telecom Saudi Arabia. The Mobily Telecom Company is now offering limitless Internet throughout Saudi Arabia. Use Mobily to connect your mobile to 4G and enjoy limitless internet access in Saudi Arabia. Because Mobily is a fast-speed Internet Provider firm in Saudi Arabia, using its Internet Packages will cost you less money. The finest and quickest method to get online, whether it’s just you or your whole family, is with Mobily 4G-compatible smartphones.


Mobily Internet Packages:

150MB 15 Days SR 5.75 750 00750
500MB 15 Days SR 17.25 5100 5102
1GB 30 Days SR 34.5 6100 6102
2GB 30 Days SR 57.5 7200 7202
5GB 30 Days SR 86.25 7300 7302
10GB 30 Days SR 109.25 7050 7052
10GB 90 Days SR 189.75 6070 6072
20GB+25GB+45GB YouTube 30 Days SR 155.25 6300 6302
20GB 90 Days SR 253 8200 8202
Unlimited 30 Days SR 373.75 4930 4932


Data Voucher Validity Price (VAT inclusive)
2GB 1 Month SR 50
5GB 1 Month SR 80
10GB 3 Months SR 140
*100GB+150GB for FREE 3 Months SR 375
*300GB+150GB for FREE 3 Months SR 525

Mobily Umrah & Hajj packages


The new Hajj & Umrah package from Mobily is glad to provide you with exceptional local and international prices with 100% FREE bonus credit. While performing the Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia, stay in touch with your loved ones by using the best local and international rates available. Best mobile internet package in Saudi Arabia

Packages Monthly fee Code to subscribe Code to unsubscribe Code to renew
500 MB
SR 35 41301 41302 41303
2 GB
SR 60 41311 41312 41313
5 GB
SR 100 41321 41322 41323


  • All local calls            50 SR
  • Local & International SMS            ‪25 SR
  • International Calls Starting from 0.55 SR
  • Validity 60 days
  • Please send the required code to 1100 via SMS. This is for Hajji only.



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