Easy way to Clean Your Laptop Mouse


Use a microfiber towel dipped in water from the faucet to wipe the outside of a mouse. It’s great for removing surface dirt, grime, and perspiration stains.

Isopropyl alcohol is better for tough stains like sticker markings.


You should use slightly more caution if you intend to thoroughly clean the inside as well. Only use a Q-tip, an electric duster, or compressed air; never use a liquid cleaning product.

Alright, let’s go into the details.

Easy way to Clean Your Laptop Mouse

Before you clean the mouse, consider the following.

How to Clean a Mouse Laptop

You should never submerge your mouse in a cleaning solution. Regardless of its waterproof status.
Keep the cleaning agent away from the mouse. Opt for a microfiber cloth at all times.
Your mouse’s chassis will lose its texture and aesthetic if you clean it with harsh chemicals like acetone, bleach, or nail polish remover. Toss them out.

To begin, take the mouse cord out of your computer. Take the batteries out of a wireless mouse first. Please turn off the power source as well. Following that,

Fill a basin with lukewarm water from the faucet. After that, soak a microfiber towel in it and squeeze away any extra moisture.
Gently wipe the exterior, buttons, and scroll wheel with the towel.

Get into those hard-to-reach places and clean them using a damp Q-tip.

You can also try soapy water if the plain water doesn’t work.

A toothpick or other pointed object can be used to clean the crevices. Nevertheless, refrain from scratching the mouse.

After that, vacuum up all the dust using an electric duster.

How to Clean a Mouse

How to Clean a Mouse

Keep in mind that rubbing alcohol works better than water for stubborn stains like sticker markings. However, you should not exceed 70% alcohol content. Diminishing by just one percent.

On one occasion, I stumbled over a 90% concentration of laboratory isopropyl alcohol. My beloved Razer DeathAdder Elite, which had a rubber grip and a plastic finish, sadly went missing. Please don’t go through what I went through.

Diluting the fluid is an option if the alcohol content is high. Whatever you do, don’t let the alcohol sit in the mouse’s shell for too long. Just to be cautious, I recommend wiping it off quickly.

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