Easy way to Delete Someone from Messenger


Even while Messenger was designed to help you stay in touch with loved ones who live far away, it has opened the door for complete strangers to contact you.

You should block any unknown Messenger contacts immediately. Messenger lacks a delete-contact option, but there are plenty of other ways to bypass Facebook and other users. Easy way to Delete Someone from Messenger


To begin, Messenger’s Block function allows you to permanently disable that user’s ability to contact you in any way. However, you can use the Delete discussion, Restrict, and Archive capabilities if you merely want to limit communication to some extent or hide their conversions.

Block Someone

When you block someone in Messenger, they won’t be able to contact you through the app or through phone. You can choose to block the user only on Messenger, on Facebook, or on both platforms.

If you choose to block the person exclusively on Messenger, they will still be able to view your public profile and any public postings you make.
Launch Messenger.

  1. Choose the talk thread and then the user’s name at the very top.
  2. Choose a Chat Profile
  3. Click the Block option down there.
  4. Select Block messages and calls to prevent any contact with the user across all platforms, including Messenger.
  5. Select “Block” from the menu.

Delete the Conversation

You can unfriend somebody from your Messenger list if you delete the discussion. Doing so will also remove the chat from your local copy.

The person may try to get in touch with you again at some point, so keep that in mind.

  1. Send a message via Messenger.
  2. Discover the associated talk or individual.
  3. Keep talking for a while.
  4. Select the Delete option.
  5. Once more, select “Delete” to confirm.

You can easily remove an inactive person from a group chat by removing them from the conversation.

Only the group chat’s administrators have access to this function. If you’re not already an administrator, you can request that the chat’s owner or another administrator make you one.

Access your group chat in Messenger.
Select the chat’s name by tapping on it.
Select the option to view other chat participants.
Select the user’s name and then select the option to Delete from the group.

Restrict the User

If you wish to cease receiving alerts from a person and also block them from accessing the Chat section, you may do so with the Restrict function.

Messenger will also stop updating your activity status with the restricted people when you restrict them.

Launch Messenger.
Choose the talk by tapping the user’s name.
To restrict access, scroll down and select it.
To confirm, press the Restrict “Username” button.

How to Delete All Non-Friends

Although Facebook users are encouraged to use Messenger, anyone can join the conversation. Users who aren’t friends with you on the Facebook app can still contact you if you’ve synced your Messenger app with your phone’s contacts.

You may manage your Messenger contacts on Facebook’s website if you want to remove people who aren’t your friends.

Sign into your account on Facebook’s website.
Navigate to Messenger Imported Contacts > Manage Imported Contacts.
Choose all contacts to delete.
Manage Filed away in a messaging contact

You can mute a user’s tales and notifications or unfriend them on Facebook if you need some space from them on Messenger.

If you remove a Facebook friend, that person will no longer be able to see your public activity feed or private postings, depending on your privacy settings.

Messenger users will have their requests for communications forwarded there as well.

You can silence a user’s call and chat notifications if you don’t want to hear from them. After making this change, Messenger will no longer alert you to new messages or calls from the specified contact.

Launch Messenger, then go to Chat > your discussion.
Click the user’s name at the very top.
Select Notifications & sounds from the menu that appears.


Launch Facebook and navigate to the account’s page.

Select Friends > Remove.

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