Gemini vs ChatGPT how is the winner


Recently, Google unveiled a new Pro variant of their AI system, Gemini. It has reportedly fared better in rigorous testing than the free version of ChalGPT, according to sources within the corporation. On thirty-two of the thirty-two academic criteria, Gemini Ultra surpassed the current state-of-the-art scores, according to performance reports. Researchers and developers working on large language models (LLM) often use these standards.

Supposedly, Google is lagging behind ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI. Everyone agrees that it’s the best AI platform out there right now, in terms of both popularity and capability. Google claims that Gemini can process several forms of media, including text, images, video, and audio because it was educated to be multimodal.


Gemini vs ChatGPT how is the winner

The research claims that Gemini Ultra has outperformed human specialists in this field, scoring 90% on the MMLU test. Math, physics, history, law, medicine, ethics, and problem-solving abilities are among the 57 topics tested on MMLU.

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Ultra, Pro, and Nano are the three versions of the Google-powered AI Gemini that will be available for smartphones. Gemini Pro, according to the business, will be accessible to developers through AI Studio and to enterprise clients through Vertex AI starting on December 13. The company’s chatbot interface, Bard, supposedly also offers the Pro version.

The VP of AI products at DeepMind, Eli Collins, claims that the Ultra version can decipher “nuanced” information in code, images, voice, and text. Collins came clean about the fact that the software relied on data sourced from publicly available sources. On the other hand, he omitted details regarding the data utilized to train the AI.

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