Microsoft Edge browser “fancy” operation

Questionnaire when users install Chrome


In addition to the usual banners and pop-up reminders, a new quiz option has recently been added for Microsoft Edge users who attempt to download the Google Chrome browser.

Reports from overseas NeoWin outlets suggest that the primary focus of this survey is on encouraging respondents to give alternative browsers a go. Among the available choices are:


I’m having trouble finding what I need on Google.

Microsoft Edge browser “fancy” operation

My Google Docs account is locked out.


Neither my bookmarks nor my passwords have been imported into Edge.


There are way too many advertisements and pop-up windows.

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I find News Feed to be annoying.


Edge is a rather sluggish browser.


The page I want to go to won’t load in Microsoft’s Edge browser.


additional factors


The press has speculated that Microsoft initiated this survey in response to comments made by users. Users of Edge have previously complained that the News Feed is flooded with irrelevant adverts and pop-ups.


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