Mozilla Firefox 113 Is Now Available


Mozilla Firefox version 113, which has been eagerly awaited, has finally been released. It is truly a web browser that is open-source, compatible with several platforms, and free, and it is currently available for download in advance of its formal launch. Those who would rather use the official binary packages will be able to start utilizing it on May 9th, 2023 when it launches. The brand-new edition includes several brand-new additions to the package. Let’s go into it.

Mozilla Firefox 113 Is Now Available

The new version of Firefox, 113, is now available and represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, version 112. As a result of the recent update’s addition of support for animated AV1 images (AVIS), web browsers are now better able to display AVIF files. Additionally, version 113 of Firefox includes an improved built-in password generator. In addition to this, while creating passwords, special characters, which are novel for the Tajik location, will be included. In addition to that, the update has brought with it an improved version of the Picture-in-Picture function, which enables you to do the following:



Find out how long a video is by using the rewind function (you can also use the left and right arrow keys).


enabling or disabling the subtitles enabling or disabling full-screen mode

The accessibility engine in Firefox 113 has also been updated, and the new version promises to make the web browser significantly faster, more stable, and better able to respond to user input for people who use screen readers. The most essential aspect of this update is that it has enabled the Awesome bar result menu, which gives users the ability to erase results from their history and disregard sponsored “Firefox Suggest” results.


Additionally, the update will bring support for hardware-accelerated AV1 video decoding to be enabled by default for all users. Last but not least, Firefox version 113 makes it easier to import bookmarks created in browsers that are based on the Chrome web browser. In order to accomplish this, they have included support for importing the favicons for bookmarks by default. This will allow you to recall them more readily after the import has taken place.


On the 9th of May, 2023, according to many reports, Mozilla intends to promote and announce the release of Firefox 113 for users who upgrade over the air (OTA). On the other hand, the official Firefox 113 binaries as well as the source package can be downloaded directly from the website.

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