NIO Power launched 49 battery swaps


The NIO Power 49 stations, which include battery swap stations, supercharging stations, and destination charging stations, will be released on September 30, according to engineers from NIO Energy.

G3 Beijing-Taiwan Motorway Zhoutan Service Area NIO Power Swap Station Beijing-bound


NIO Power Swap Station, Quanjiao Service Area, G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Motorway, Shanghai-bound G56 Hangrui Motorway, Taohuayuan Service Area, Ruili-bound

NIO Power launched 49 battery swaps

To Hangzhou, Take the G56 Hangrui Motorway to the Taohuayuan Service Area in NIO.

NIO Power Exchange Centre | Huizhou Huidong Yinji Commercial District

Shenzhen, Baoan Dachan Bay | NIO Power Swap Station

Shantou Longguang Yuhai Xiyuan | NIO Power Swap Station

Jiangmen Binjiang Sports Centre | NIO Power Switching Station

Guangzhou Nansha Hotel | NIO Power Switching Station

Queshan Service Area, Beijing-bound NIO Power Swap Station, G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Motorway

Macau-bound NIO exchange at Queshan Service Area on the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Motorway

Chengdu Jinsha Jinbo Road Power Exchange Station

Switching Station for NIO Power | Bazhong Felton Hotel

Beijing Jiugong Weinburg | NIO Power Swap Station

Beijing Zhongke Jiaying | NIO Power Swap Station

Chongli Direction, NIO Power Swap Station, Haituo Service Area, Beijing-Li Motorway

Yueqing Liushi Middle School | Wei Lai Power Exchange Station

Changeover Station for NIO Power | Shanghai Shuye Times Square

Switching Station for NIO Power | NIO Service Centre, Shanghai Guohe Road

Qingdao-bound drivers can reach the NIO Power Swap Station via the G1813 Weiqing Motorway in the Haiyang Service Area.

Switching Station for NIO Power | G1813 Weilai Power

power swap at Zhuanghe Station on Heda Expressway’s G11 Weilai route towards Weihai from the Haiyang service area

Towards Tianshui: G7011 Weilai Power Swap Station, Xixiang Service Area, Shitian Motorway

Jingyang Service Area Lintong Direction, G3021 Linxing Motorway

Zhangye Lijing Plaza | NIO Battery Swap

Shanghai Shuye Times Square | NIO Supercharger

NIO Service Centre, located at the Supercharging Station on Shanghai Guohe Road

S3801 Jingli Motorway, Haituo Service Area, Chongli Direction NIO Supercharging Station

Location: Beijing, Old Gongwei Enbao | NIO Supercharging Station

Beijing Zhongke Jiaying | NIO Supercharging Station

NIO Supercharging Station | S3801 Prince City Service Area, Jingli Motorway

Electric Vehicle Supercharger | Jiangmen Binjiang Sports Centre

Guangzhou Nansha Hotel | NIO Supercharging Station

Bazhong Felton Hotel | NIO Lai Supercharging Station

Yueqing Liushi Middle School | NIO Supercharging Station

To Charge Your NIO Vehicle, Visit the Shantou Longguang Yuhai Xiyuan

Shenzhen, Baoan Dachan Bay, NIO Supercharging Station

Charging Station | Huizhou Huidong Yinji Trade City | NIO

Queshan Service Area, Beijing-bound NIO Supercharging Station | G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Motorway

Queshan Service Area Macau-Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Motorway Supercharging Station

Zhuanghe Station on the G11 Heda Motorway, Where NIO’s Superchargers Are Bound

Zhongye Lijing Plaza | NIO Supercharger

At the Aksu Tianyuan International Hotel, we have an NIO Super Charging Station.

Container Station | NIO Supercharging Station | International Energy Group

NIO Supercharging Station | Selian Container Station, National Energy Group

Tarangol Mine charging station | Nilaimu; National Energy Group

Hotel Ulat Zhongqi Jinyi charging station | Nilaimu

The Rosewood Deyang Luojiang | Charging Station Nilaimu

Power station Nilaimu | Shanghai Yanfeng Automobile Decoration Systems Co., Ltd.

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