Punjab CM Supports Defamation Act to Stop Media Misuse

The recently passed Punjab Defamation Act was supported by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, who emphasized the necessity of it in light of the increasing misuse of social and mainstream media. She emphasized the widespread tendency of unfounded accusations and the urgent necessity for this legislation to protect people’s reputations when speaking to the Ittehad Bain ul Muslimeen Conference.

Punjab CM Supports Defamation Act to Stop Media Misuse


CM Maryam Nawaz says that the new defamation law is essential to combating the worrisome surge in unfounded allegations. She even asked how anyone could be against this kind of action when social harmony is threatened by mob justice and mishandled media coverage. She further expressed grave worries about the threats posed by these acts, citing a recent mob lynching in Swat as well as other instances of a similar nature.

The widespread practice of mob justice is threatening public safety, according to Maryam Nawaz. She claimed that individuals behave hastily without checking the facts and that these actions put everyone’s lives at peril. False allegations are propagated more easily when mainstream and social media are misused. That’s why putting an end to it is crucial.

She also expressed confusion over individuals who were against the Punjab Defamation Act. She claims their resistance stems from a refusal to quit disparaging others. She emphasized that character assassination carried out for political purposes needs to be condemned. The new rule will make sure that accusations are supported by evidence, and those who make unfounded charges will suffer the repercussions. This trend, according to Maryam Nawaz, is a “disease” that has flourished because there is no accountability.

She talked about her own experience as well. Maryam brought up the difficulties the Sharif family encountered in 2018, highlighting the way political rivals exploited defamation as a means of settling scores. She underlined the damaging effects of unsubstantiated accusations while subtly pointing out the PTI’s role in these activities.

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