Roku Channel adds 50 free Live TV

Roku Channel adds 50 free Live TV Channel in his play list

It’s undoubtedly one of the reasons why Roku Channel is one of the most popular suppliers of live TV channels since it’s constantly releasing new material. The company made the announcement today that users of The Roku Channel will have access to no fewer than fifty live television stations at no cost.

The brand-new live TV channels will be made available as part of a new category of entertainment that will be known as Espacio Latino. Espacio Latino is a brand-new Spanish language hub in the United States that provides thousands of hours of content to Spanish-speaking audiences in an easy-to-access location.

Roku Channel adds 50 free Live TV

In addition to sports, news, entertainment, telenovelas, movies, and music, Espacio Latino will also provide thousands of free, original, and exclusive movies and TV episodes in Spanish. Additionally, popular English titles will be dubbed and subtitled on the platform.


Over 25 of the fifty Spanish language Live TV stations that are made available by Espacio Latino are fresh new to The Roku Channel. Bear in mind that the Espacio Latino app and the Live TV Guide on The Roku Channel will both make all channels available to their users. Streamers will also be able to access the content that comes with Premium Subscriptions, which will be available to them in this category.


According to Roku, several of its original titles will also be available on Espacio Latino. These titles will include the recently published Mamas, which will be narrated in Spanish by Zoe Saldana, and Natural Born Narco, which will make its debut on July 8.


Last but not least, fans of Espacio Latino should anticipate even more content as a result of Roku’s collaboration with a wide variety of content partners. These partners include NBCUniversal Telemundo, Hemisphere Media Group, Eurochannel, Weather Group, BBC Studios, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Television, A+E Networks, and others.

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