Top 10 Mobile Phone sales in 2023


Canalys published the top 10 list of worldwide smartphone shipments for 2023 earlier this month. Counterpoint Research has released the TOP10 list of worldwide smartphone sales for 2023.

Shipment volume is the sales volume of mobile phone manufacturers through channels, known as Sell-in. Sales volume refers to the actual delivery to consumers, calculated by activation volume, known as Sell-out.


Apple’s iPhone 14 is the top-selling model in the 2023 Global Smartphone Sales Top 10 List, making up 3.9% of global sales. The United States and China collectively contribute to half of its total sales.

In 2023, the iPhone 14 will represent 19% of Apple’s iPhone sales, compared to the iPhone 13 which accounted for 28% in 2022.

Top 10 Mobile Phone Sales in 2023

The minimal distinction between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 resulted in decreased acceptance of the standard model and a rise in sales of the iPhone Pro version, which provides several enhancements including advanced features like smartphones, an upgraded chipset, and a higher display screen refresh rate.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, the iPhone 15 series claimed the top three positions on the global best-selling list, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max emerging as the top-selling smartphone.

Apple’s iPhone 13, the most aged model in the lineup, sustained double-digit annual sales growth in Japan and India, securing the fourth position. In Japan, previous iPhones have sold more than the current generation due to carrier discounts, however, in India, the iPhone 13’s value pitch has made it a popular option.

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Samsung has three Galaxy A series phones ranked at the bottom three positions on the TOP10 list. The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G has maintained its position in eighth place due to strong sales in the United States and India.

The Samsung Galaxy A04e and A14 4G are popular in emerging nations including Brazil, India, Mexico, and Indonesia for their inexpensive costs, despite not having 5G capabilities.

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