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I transitioned from utilizing Yoast to Rank Math due to the latter’s enhanced functionality along with a reduced number of extraneous elements. Subsequently, I have transitioned to Rank Math Pro, a superior alternative to Yoast Premium. The inclusion of several schemas, such as review, FAQ, video, and How-to schemas, adds significant value to the overall content. However, I will elaborate on that topic at a later point in our discussion. It is important to note that Rank Math’s free version surpasses Yoast’s free version in terms of quality. Additionally, Rank Math’s Pro version outperforms Yoast’s Premium version. According to the results of many Facebook polls, this particular WordPress SEO plugin has been consistently ranked as the top choice, holding the position of number one.

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math



The setup procedure provided by Rank Math facilitated a seamless migration of Yoast’s SEO data, including redirects, to Rank Math. This process ensured minimal concern over potential negative impacts on search engine rankings. After the completion of the task, I successfully removed several plugins as Rank Math incorporates functionalities such as redirects, image SEO, and schema.

Currently, Rank Math does not offer an affiliate program. Therefore, there are no incentives or benefits to be gained by asserting the superiority of one plugin over another. In the comparison between Rank Math and Yoast, it can be said that Rank Math holds an advantage because of its superior feature set and streamlined functionality. If you are prepared to transition, please proceed to this location.

There may be potential compatibility concerns between Rank Math and Oxygen Builder. Therefore, if you are utilizing Oxygen Builder, it is advisable to consider exploring SEO Press as an alternative option.

Rank Math vs Yoast – Features

The comprehensive table provided below offers an in-depth examination of the features of Yoast and Rank Math, presenting a thorough comparison of the two. While the important characteristics have been emphasized in the aforementioned Yoast vs. Rank Math comparison, this table encompasses a more detailed analysis of their respective feature sets. Rank Math has included several additional functionalities that are not even present in Yoast SEO Premium. These include the automatic generation of image alt attributes, a more comprehensive implementation of schema markup, improved analytics capabilities, and a reduction in unnecessary elements.

Rank Math vs Yoast – Features
Rank Math vs Yoast – Features

Rank Math vs Yoast – Speed

During the execution of performance analysis tools such as New Relic and Query Monitor, it was observed that Yoast had relatively slower performance compared to other plugins.

As of the present composition, Yoast possesses a total of 87.2 thousand lines of code, whereas Rank Math encompasses 51.3 thousand lines. Additionally, it is noteworthy that Rank Math’s plugin zip size is around three times less in comparison. As an individual who maintains a blog on WordPress speed optimization, the significance of employing lightweight plugins is of utmost importance to me. This factor played a pivotal role in my decision to transition to the WordPress platform.

The advertisements employed by Yoast are notably obtrusive in nature.

In order to eliminate Yoast advertisements, it is necessary to install an additional plugin called Hide SEO Bloat, a requirement that may be perceived as quite unreasonable. In contrast, Yoast SEO inundates the user with advertising across the dashboard.

The utilization of Rank Math can be attributed to the significant role played by the schema.

There are a total of 18 distinct schema types available, encompassing various categories such as review, frequently asked questions (FAQ), video, recipe, and course schema. When a video is used, schemas are automatically added, hence decreasing the workload involved in optimizing material.

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To incorporate schema markup utilizing Rank Math, proceed by accessing the desired page for editing and thereafter navigating to the Rank Math part located further down the page. The schema area contains automatically generated schema elements, such as those for articles and videos, along with the ability to build custom schema markup. To implement schema data, users are advised to carefully choose the relevant schema type and provide the necessary data. Following this, users should patiently await Google’s display of the schema in search results. There is no requirement for an additional schema plugin.


Rank Math has the capability to automatically include alt attributes to photos.


The time-saving aspect of this feature is significant as the WordPress core has ceased the automated addition of alt text, necessitating the usage of a distinct image SEO plugin or manual inclusion of alt attributes for all images.


The utilization of filenames as image alt attributes is made possible by the utilization of Rank Math. Provided that photos are appropriately labeled prior to their upload onto the WordPress platform, the filename will serve as the alt property.


This means less time inserting alt text manually and one less plugin on your site.

The aforementioned features encompass the utilization of red and green arrows, which serve the purpose of indicating the upward or downward trajectory of a post’s metrics as time progresses. The Google Search Console lacks the inclusion of visually appealing arrows and does not provide a position chart that offers a brief overview of the historical ranking of your content. Rank Math facilitates a convenient assessment of the performance of your material over a certain duration, enabling the determination of improvements or declines.


One potential drawback of Rank Math is that its analytics feature introduces additional code to the website.

Indeed, when transferring plugins and importing Yoast data into Rank Math, the latter offers the functionality to integrate redirects into its own plugin. It is advisable to reduce the number of plugins utilized on your website. Similar to Yoast Premium, Rank Math has the capability to generate automatic redirects when modifying URLs.

Both Rank Math and Yoast provide the capability to optimize content for social media platforms. However, it has been seen that a significant number of individuals do not utilize this feature. Therefore, it is imperative to emphasize the importance of optimizing content for social media and ensure that you incorporate this practice into your strategy.

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In essence, the act of sharing content on social media platforms ensures that the image is appropriately formatted, however, it is also possible to tailor the title and description to suit various social networks.


In order to accomplish this task, one must navigate to the post-editing interface and proceed to scroll down till reaching the Yoast or Rank Math area. Subsequently, the user should click on the “social” link. Users are provided with the capability to upload a personalised graphic with dimensions of 1200 x 630 pixels for Facebook, and 1024 x 1014 pixels for Twitter. When an individual publishes the aforementioned post on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, the visual presentation will be enhanced.

Both Rank Math and Yoast offer comparable content analysis features.


However, there exists a notable distinction: Rank Math suggests the utilization of a table of contents. It is very astonishing to observe the substantial number of bloggers who produce articles exceeding 3,000 words, yet neglect to provide a table of contents.


Please on with the task at hand.


I commissioned a designer to provide a selection of background colors using CSS and subsequently obtained the corresponding HTML code to be incorporated into each article. The HTML code can be accessed on GitHub. In addition to enhanced user navigation, this feature enables individuals to establish hyperlinks to specific areas inside a post, hence facilitating the generation of jump-to links in the Google search engine.

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