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zain vs STC vs Mobily internet packagesStay connected with your loved ones during your stay in Saudi Arabia. Check out the best and cheap internet packages offered by top telecoms STC, Zain, Mobily. Find & compare the best data packages, prepaid internet packages, and prices all in one place.

If you are traveling to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj/ Umrah, then you must be looking for the best & cheap internet packages offered by top telecoms in Saudi Arabia. It can be expensive to use your local network during your stay in Saudi Arabia because of the Roaming charges, so, it is recommended to use the local networks.


This article will help you in choosing the best-prepaid internet packages, and you would be able to find

  • Which is the best internet package providing company in Saudi Arabia?
  • Where can you buy a Sim card?
  • How many Sims cards can you have in KSA?
  • STC prepaid internet packages
  • Mobily prepaid internet packages
  • Zain prepaid internet packages
  • Ookla’s speed test results to check, which is the highest speed providing company in KSA?
  • Opensignal’s Report on the best Mobile internet network in Saudi Arabia
  • Final verdict

Saudi Arabia is the 5th largest country in Asia and the largest religious-Hub of Muslims. Thousands of Muslims’ travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj/Umrah pilgrimages. Mostly, people prefer to use the Saudi network, providing companies as most of these companies are offering Umrah packages that are convenient and cheap. So, whether your stay is longer or you are planning a short trip, it is advised to switch to a local network rather than using your country’s local network.

Which is the best internet package providing company in Saudi Arabia?

The Top internet providing network companies operating in Saudi Arabia are STC, Zain, and Mobily. All three companies are reliable and trusted by the locals as well as foreigners. Although, the signal quality is outstanding around the developed areas, however, the strength of the signals may drop to zero levels once you drive towards the remote or desert areas.

Where can you buy the sim cards?

Getting a new sim card is not a big deal in Saudi Arabia! You can find one as soon as you land at King Khalid International Airport. The legal process of getting a new sim card includes the availability of your passport, and your phone number is activated right away. Or, you can buy it from any supermarket, official outlets, and drugstores. Once you activate your sim card, you can add credit from various card machines where prepaid cards and vouchers are stocked in abundance.

How many sim cards can you have in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, you can keep 10 Sims at a time due to strict monitoring policy by the government. Only registered Sims are allowed.

STC prepaid internet packages:

STC is one of the leading and well-known network companies in Saudi Arabia. The company is a winner in terms of internet speed and network coverage. Sim cards are only available at official stores.

Best internet package in KSA is a subjective term that depends on an individual’s specific needs and budget. There are several service providers in Saudi Arabia that offer a range of internet packages, including STC, Zain, Mobily, and Virgin Mobile. To find the best internet package in KSA for you, consider factors such as data allowance, coverage, customer service, and any additional fees or charges. It is also a good idea to compare the different options available in your area and read reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family.

Generally, two sim cards are offered by STC:

  • SAWA prepaid sim card
  • Jawway prepaid sim card

You can purchase it for SAR30, and it comes with a credit of SAR25. You can buy credit from SAR10 to SAR300, which will be available from 3 days to 30 days depending upon the package you choose.

The following packages are available on SAWA prepaid sim.

220MB7 DaysSAR 306661
550MB7 DaysSRA 506662
275MB30 DaysSAR506663
1.1GB30 DaysSAR906664
5.5GB30 DaysSAR2006665

Moreover, you can top-up your package with the following Add-ons once you run out of credit.

STC prepaid internet packages

The good thing is that STC has launched a “Jawwy app,” which enables users to add or change the data bundles and add credit easily at any spot. You can download it on both IOS and Android devices.

Which sim is best for internet in Saudi Arabia is a question that many people have when choosing a mobile phone plan. There are several service providers in Saudi Arabia that offer internet SIM plans, including STC, Zain, Mobily, and Virgin Mobile. It is best to research and compare the different options available in your area to find the SIM that meets your needs and budget. Consider factors such as data allowance, coverage, and customer service when making your decision.

Mobily prepaid internet packages

Mobily is the 2nd most desired company which is providing the best and cheap data packages. It offers excellent deals and data bundles on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Mobily signals work best in cities and towns, but once you head out towards the remote areas, the signals drop down significantly.

Mobily is offering 2G/3G/4G networks at a data rate of 0.15 per MB. You can purchase Mobily sim card for SAR30, which comes with a credit of SAR25. Afterward, you can subscribe to Data Bundles’ according to your need.

Data Volume Duration Price**Subscription Renew nowStop Auto renewal
150MB2 WeeksSR 57501175000750
500MB1 MonthSR 20609060916092
1GB1 MonthSR 30610061016102
2GB1 MonthSR 50720072017202
5GB1 MonthSR 75730073017302
10GB1 MonthSR 95705070517052
10GB3 MonthsSR 165607060716072
20GB1 MonthSR 135630063016302
20GB3 MonthsSR 220820082018202
50GB2 MonthsSR 210709070917092
50GB3 MonthsSR 260807080718072
100GB1 MonthSR 160708070817082
100GB3 MonthsSR 320808080818082
300GB3 MonthsSR 450300N/A
600GB6 MonthsSR 900606N/A

Zain prepaid internet packages

Zain is a relatively small network company; it is offering services with 2G/3G/4G networks. Zain is best for its 4G networking and offering extremely competitive data offers. Signal quality is right within the cities and developed areas, but in remote regions, signal strength is pathetic.

You can purchase Zain SIM cards from their official stores and make sure you have to register it with your passport before activation.

Once you activated your sim card, you can avail of these data offers and combos according to your needs.

The data charges offered by the Zain network is SAR 0.15 pr MB.

Price DataValidityActivation
SAR 991 GB3 DaysActivation : Trip 1
SAR 1993 GB7 DaysActivation : Trip 2
SAR 34910 GB30 Days Activation : Trip 3
SAR 49920 GB30 DaysActivation : Trip 4
SAR 79930 GB90 DaysActivation : Trip 5

To purchase your desired plan, text the activation code to 959.

To check your remaining balance, text “BC” to 959.

Zain has also introduced a high-speed data Sim called a “SPEED 4G”. The data packs offered by this Sim are as follows. You can choose daily, weekly, and monthly plans as needed.

DataValidityPrice Activation Deactivation
50MB1 DaySAR1D50CD50
500MB7 DaysSAR10D500CD500
1GB30 DaysSAR25D1000CD1000
2GB30 DaysSAR45D2000CD2000
5GB30 DaysSAR65D5000CD5000
10GB90 DaysSAR11010GBC10GB
75GB90 DaysSAR19975GBC75GB
300GB90 DaysSAR299300GBC300GB
600GB180 DaysSAR549600GBC600GB

Let’s have a comparative analysis of all three companies and see which are the best Data Providing company in Saudi Arabia.


To check the best internet providing network in Saudi Arabia, we are providing you here with results of two speed analyzing the application.

“OOkla’s speed test,” and the other analysis is by the “Opensignal app.

Ookla’ speed test results to check which is the highest speed providing company in KSA

Figure 1 source file ookla speed test
Figure 1 source file ookla speed test

According to the speed test by Ookla, the winner of the highest speed network in Saudi Arabia in 2019 is the STC Company. You can see that STC is at the top of the chart for its highest download speed of 37.90 Mbps and 17.00 Mbps for its upload speed. The overall speed score is 34.39.

While on the other hand, Mobily is competing with its rival company STC with a speed test of 28.19.

Zain is a runner-up with a speed test of 23.39mb.

Here is a chart of download and upload speed test for your convenience.

A comparion of STC vs Mobily bs Zain
A comparison of STC vs Mobily bs Zain

Opensignal’s Report on the best Mobile internet network in Saudi Arabia

Opensignal claims:

“Opensignal is the independent global standard for analyzing consumer mobile experience. Our industry reports are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks”.


Opensignal inaugurated Report about the best Mobile network providing companies in Saudi Arabia in 2019. The Report comprises of 3 month’s data collection from 3 leading network operating companies STC, Mobily, and Zain.

According to the opensignal’s Report:

  • STC is the “Sheikh of speed.”
  • Zain topped–the-chart for 4G availability
  • Mobily wins Latency Award


download speed opensignals award
download speed opensignals award
Upload speed winner
Upload speed winner

It can be visibly noticed that STC is at the top of the chart for both download and upload speed while Mobiliy is competing with a relatively slow rate of 14.3 and 5.9. Zain is a bit slower in both tests, with an average rate of 10.1 and 5.1.

4G test-Figure 3
Figure 3

You can notice from this table that Zain is winning in 4G availability, and STC is at the top chart for download and upload speed. Mobily is a winner in the Latency Experience test, which is considered an important metric in measuring online gaming and video calling.

Cheapest unlimited internet in Saudi Arabia is a term used to describe mobile phone plans that offer an unlimited data allowance for internet use at a relatively low price. Service providers in Saudi Arabia, such as STC, Zain, Mobily, and Virgin Mobile, offer a range of unlimited internet plans at different price points. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of each plan to ensure that it meets your needs and budget, and to consider factors such as coverage, customer service, and any additional fees or charges. You may also be able to find discounts or promotions that can lower the overall cost of your unlimited internet plan.

Mobile internet packages refer to mobile phone plans that include a data allowance for internet use. These packages are typically offered by service providers and can include a combination of voice minutes, text messages, and data allowance, as well as other features such as roaming and international calling. Customers can choose from a range of mobile internet packages to meet their specific needs and budget.

Final verdict:

Keeping in view, all the metrics as mentioned above and measurements by “Ookla” and “open signal” tests, we can say that STC is “the jack of all trades.” That’s why STC is one of the leading Telecom in Saudi Arabia and most favorite by both local and foreign users.

STC is a winner in both tests in terms of

  • High-speed internet data
  • Download and upload speed
  • Comparatively Lowest and economical data packages

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