599 yuan, Nubia Z50S Pro starlight imaging package: personalized phone case + filter


announced November 5 that the Nubia 11th Anniversary Limited Edition – Nubia Z50S Pro Starlight Imaging Set has been officially released, priced at 599 yuan, however it is not yet on the shelves.

IT Company observed that there are two filters and a starry phone case in the package. The two professional starlight filters include a starburst filter and a starry night filter, and the phone case is a perfect fit for the standard 67mm filter system. mirror.


Neodymium iron boron magnets, one of the strongest permanent magnet materials at present, are reportedly used in this mobile phone case’s secret magnetic ring design, which both protects the phone and increases its magnetic attraction.

The filter is made from German Schott optical glass and has a reflectivity of 0.35% thanks to its 22-layer coating of ultra-low reflection physical weather deposition on both sides. The filter’s suspended frame design and use of aviation-grade magnesium aluminum alloy make it not only simple to install but also highly effective in shielding the lens from damage.

Rare lanthanide rare earth elements have been incorporated into the glass of the starry night mirror included in the starlight imaging kit. It is said to be able to efficiently block the spectrum around 586 nanometers, allowing for better photography of the night sky and urban landscapes by drastically minimizing light pollution issues in low-light conditions. Observation of the Night Sky.


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