Apple iOS 17.5 will introduce a new system


Last year, Apple collaborated with Google and declared that it will create new industry standards to handle the mounting privacy concerns around trackers. Many individuals used to be concerned that trackers, like AirTag, would be used for tracking purposes that were malevolent. According to reports, Apple intends to include this new function in the future iOS 17.5 system to enhance user privacy protection.

the 9to5Mac technology website found hints of this anti-tracking function in the iOS 17.5 developer beta, which Apple released today, in the internal code. According to new code found in the Find My app, iOS will be able to recognise trackers that are not affiliated with the Find My network or certified by Apple and assist users in disabling them. A single line of code says, “Apple’s Find Network has not certified this item. If you don’t want this item to give the owner location data, you can disable it. To find out how to accomplish this, visit the item manufacturer’s website.


Apple iOS 17.5 will introduce a new system

While this feature isn’t available for testers just yet, it’s expected to be released alongside the official iOS 17.5, and businesses like Samsung, Tile, Chipolo, Eufy, and Pebblebee have shown interest in supporting it.

Google has previously said that they will work together to develop a new universal system that will detect and warn consumers about unknown trackers on iOS and Android devices. As of right moment, iOS can identify unknown Bluetooth location trackers—but only on Find Network-enabled devices. Additionally, Apple has released an app for Android devices that can identify AirTags.

Based on the available information, iOS 17.5 Beta 1 appears to just include small tweaks rather than any significant improvements. iOS 17.5 is anticipated to be formally launched to the public the following month, in line with reports that Apple would unveil new iPads and accessories in May.

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