Enhanced “bright” display mode on Samsung Galaxy S24 series


The color performance of the display on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series has sparked controversy. Some customers have observed that when the “Vivid” display mode is activated, the screen colors appear less vibrant compared to earlier Samsung phone models, but are nearly identical to the colors displayed in the “Natural” mode.

Samsung prioritizes natural and realistic color restoration in the S24 series. The new “adaptive tone” feature utilizes the mobile phone camera to automatically modify the color and white balance based on varying light conditions to optimize display performance. The outcome is a color that appears more authentic.


Yet, consumers seeking more vibrant colors find this unsatisfactory. Samsung incorporated a “vividness” adjustment slider in the first Galaxy S24 software update based on user input, enabling users to customize it to their liking. Enhance color saturation for Vivid mode.

Enhanced “bright” display mode on Samsung Galaxy S24 series

The update is currently only available in South Korea and has not been released in other locations yet. Twitter user @MyDaebakCafe shared a video demonstrating the impact of the upgraded Vivid mode. Upon using the “vivid” option, the colors noticeably intensify, as demonstrated in the video.

It is uncertain how much the “vividness” adjustment slider can modify, and the filming angle of the video may also influence the outcome. Samsung may need to enhance this feature through future upgrades.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series displays no longer have the issue of indistinguishable color differences between “natural” and “vivid” modes. We think Samsung can enhance the “vivid” mode adjustment impact based on user feedback to achieve more vibrant colors. Specify user needs about color.

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