First-generation iQOO Neo9 phones with self-developed AI blue heart model


This new phone is still getting ready for its upcoming unveiling this month as part of the iQOO Neo9 range of mobile phones.

The iQOO Neo9 series of smartphones will reportedly “use an all-round ecology beyond the Pro level to bring a smarter, smoother, safer and powerful experience, and fully open the AI ​​era of cool customers” with their self-developed AI blue heart large model, as stated in the official introduction.


Five models with one, ten, or hundreds of billions of parameters will make up the Blue Heart model, which was initially announced at the 2023 vivo Developer Conference in early November. Blue Heart Model 7B, a 7 billion level model designed for mobile phones, is one of them. It is a device-cloud dual-use model. According to Vivo, it excels at tasks like language understanding and text generation.

First-generation iQOO Neo9 phones with self-developed AI blue heart model


The Blue Heart Little V smart assistant is the largest example of this paradigm in action; it allows for three easy interactions: speech, text, and drag & drop. When not in use, it can be minimized and suspended into a compact floating state, which can be easily opened with a click. LanXinXiaoV is compatible with organic conversation. You don’t have to be exact with your search commands while looking for files. Newer models of the vivo X100 and iQOO 12 series already have Blue Heart Xiao V support.

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The iQOO Neo9 boasts a 6.78-inch 1.5K+144Hz new base material direct screen, a 16MP front camera, a 50MP IMX920 OIS main camera, and an 8MP ultra-wide angle. It is powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and comes with 12/16GB of memory. The 5160mAh large battery and 120W wired fast charging are also features. The device uses a plastic middle frame and has a short-focus fingerprint sensor.

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