How to record phone calls on an iPhone 14 pro call


On an iPhone, there aren’t many legal ways to record phone calls. Although Apple’s emphasis on customer privacy is reassuring, call recording can be difficult due to the company’s dedication to it.

How to record phone calls on an iPhone 14 pro call


Although it would seem that an iOS app would exist for that, Apple prohibits third-party apps from having direct access to the microphone and the built-in Phone app. You can become an expert at mobile wiretapping thanks to several apps’ and services’ workarounds for that prohibition.


Voice Memos app

First, make sure you have an iPhone and another iOS device with the Voice Memos app, such as an iPad or another iPhone. Most devices already have the Voice Memos app installed, but you may also download it for free from the App Store. You can record phone calls using this app.

Play the audio file and make adjustments

Before you record a call, play the file back to check if the audio is audible and make any necessary edits. You might need to talk louder, turn up the microphone sensitivity, or move the speaker closer to your mouth if the sound quality is too poor.

Rev Call Recorder app

Alternatively, you can use the Rev Call Recorder app, which is also free to download from the App Store, to record conversations. Rev Call Recorder gets around the issue of recording by becoming the third member of a three-way call

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