New WhatsApp Feature Prevents Deletion

New Feature Stops WhatsApp Messages from Being Deleted

Several people were relieved to learn that WhatsApp messages vanish after a user-specified amount of time. The most crucial communications were lost during this exercise, though.

To combat this, WhatsApp has included a new function that disables the automatic deletion of messages when the disappearing messages option is selected.

You’ll need the most recent versions of iOS and Android to obtain this feature and use it, but once you do, you’ll be able to prevent WhatsApp messages from being accidentally deleted.



Messages can be saved by everyone, so they won’t be lost.
Eventually, everyone will be able to permanently delete their saved communications, and there will be no way to prevent this from happening.

New WhatsApp Feature Prevents Deletion

Administrators have the option of limiting access to this function inside the group settings.

After more information was made available, it became clear that some beta testers who have downloaded the most recent version of WhatsApp or the TestFlight app would soon be able to prevent their messages from vanishing.

It described how users can now delay the deletion of specific WhatsApp messages using the app’s new Retain action feature.


The Kept messages area will display messages marked with the bookmark icon and the chat bubble, indicating their importance.

Nevertheless, some users have claimed that they are unable to access this function in the beta version as well; nonetheless, there is no need to be alarmed as everyone will soon be able to access it.

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