Nothing Phone 1 is Glowing


The floodgates have been opened for the many speculations, leaks, and reports that have been circulating around the Nothing Phone 1. A few days ago, the corporation provided us with an official image that we could use. A brand new video of Phone 1 is now available. Phone 1 is emitting a bright light. The corporation surprised its guests by hosting the event in Switzerland. A select group of journalists were provided with an early look at the phone.

A video demonstrates that Phone 1 is kept secure by being encased in plexiglass. Rafael Zeier, a German technology journalist and YouTuber, shared this video with his audience. The video did not reveal the face of the item that was being demonstrated. It is possible to see the back of the vehicle. As can be seen in the video that follows, some sections on the rear of the gadget, specifically the camera module and the components at the top and bottom, were glowing and had the ability to light up.


Nothing Phone 1 is Glowing: A New Video

It is not entirely clear why these two components are glowing. Now, we speculate that perhaps they light the way that they do in order to indicate incoming calls or other information.

If the glowing or illuminating components of the device are for alerting you to notifications or calls, then this is not a new feature. There are a variety of other products available, such as the OnePlus 10 Pro, the Galaxy S22, and Nokia phones, that come equipped with this capability. Unlike Motorola, Xiaomi, and Razer devices, which use their company logos as notification signs, Apple products use a buzzing sound.

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