Phone specs and pricing revealed for Google Pixel 8a


The foreign technology media smartprix published another blog article today, revealing further information regarding the characteristics and price of the Google Pixel 8a mobile phone definition renderings.

Previously, it was reported that Google had cancelled the Pixel A series, but the media believes that Google will introduce the Pixel 8a mobile phone at the I/O Developers Conference in May of next year, with following sales not beginning until 2025.


Price: According to the media, the Pixel 8a is priced the same as the Pixel 7a, at $499 (IT House note: currently roughly 3,638 yuan). The Google Pixel 8a will retain its pricing because the purpose of the “a” line of phones is to provide the Pixel experience at an accessible price.

Phone specs and pricing revealed for Google Pixel 8a


The images clearly reveal some modest design modifications to the Pixel 8a, which measures, indicating that the phone will be smaller, slimmer, and thinner than the Pixel 7a, which measures 152.4 72.99.0mm.

The front has a 6.1-inch straight screen, as well as a front-facing camera with a hole punched in the top. The borders on both sides are quite small, with the chin border being thicker.



The Google Pixel 8a will be powered by a downclocked Tensor G3 chipset with Mali-G715 GPU. The smartphone will have 8GB of RAM and will run Android 14. It has a single-core Geek bench score of 1218 and a multi-core performance of 3175.

Historically, Pixel A series phones have been designed similarly to other Pixel family members. This time, the Pixel 8a is likely to be a hybrid of the Google Pixel 7a and Pixel 8. It could have aluminium camera strips, iPhone-style edges, comparable colours, and other features.


Google could release the Pixel 8a with Android 14 pre-installed. The Pixel 8a will also be equipped with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.


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