Prices for iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and Pro Max in Pakistan

The iPhone 14 series was just introduced by Apple. The iPhone 14 series consists of the following models: the 14, the Plus, the Pro, and the Max. Although these phones are available everywhere in the world, we in Pakistan had to wait until today. The approved service provider for Apple, Future Tech, has some wonderful news for iPhone fans! The devices are not yet available for pre-order in Pakistan after the firm published the revised pre-order rates for the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and Pro Max.

The business urged customers to pre-book their preferred model, needed color, and storage now and pick it up on the day of arrival. Additionally, it disclosed that the smartphone will be distributed based on a first-come, first served.

Prices for iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and Pro Max in Pakistan


how to check Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Price In Pakistan Hafiz center 

iPhone 14 Pre-order Price:

Starting with iPhone 14, the 12 GB model is priced at Rs. 375,999 whereas the 256 GB variant is available for pre-order for Rs. 410,999. Last but not the least, the 512 GB model of iPhone 14 is priced at Rs. 480,999.

128 GB Rs.375,999
256 GB Rs. 410,999
512 GB Rs. 480,999

iPhone 14 Plus Pre-order Price:

128 GB Rs.410,999
256 GB Rs. 445,999
512 GB Rs. 515,999

The 128 GB iPhone 14 Plus will carry a price tag of 410,999 whereas 256 GB variant and 512 GB will be priced at 445,999 and 515,999 respectively.

iPhone 14 Pro Pre-order Price:

128 GB Rs. 510,999
256 GB Rs. 545,999
512 GB Rs. 615,999
1 TB Rs. 685,999

Coming to the iPhone 14 Pro, 126 GB and 256 GB variants will be priced at Rs. 510,999 and Rs. 545,999 respectively. The 512 GB iPhone 14 Pro will carry a price tag of Rs. 615,999 and 1 TB will be of Rs. 685,999 PKR.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Pre-order Price:

128 GB Rs. 554,999
256 GB Rs. 589,999
512 GB Rs. 659,999
1 TB Rs. 729,999


The 128 GB Premium iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost Rs. 554,999 to pre-order, while the 256 GB model will cost Rs. 589,999. The 512 GB iPhone 14 pro-Max costs 659,999, and the 1 TB model costs 729,999 Pakistani rupees.

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