Samsung Foldable Phones to Get Cheaper


Reportedly, Samsung, a prominent technology company, intends to enhance the affordability of its foldable gadgets for consumers. The company is developing cost-reduction measures, such as implementing inkjet printing technology, to enhance the affordability of foldable phones. Currently, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 can be purchased for a substantial price of $1,000 or higher.



In the past, Samsung employed the Micro Dry Process Decoration (MDD) technique for its foldable displays. This method employs frames derived from film segments obtained from a reel, whereby the ink is already embedded within the film. Nevertheless, this method has sparked concerns regarding its cost efficiency. To address this problem, the company has undertaken research and development of inkjet printing technology, which is poised to replace the MDD approach.


Samsung Foldable Phones to Get Cheaper


By utilizing inkjet printing technology, the company can derive a greater number of frames from the original film, resulting in a decrease in production expenses. OLED panel frames have a crucial function in concealing internal circuitry and components, and post-coating is added to frame films to protect them from oxygen and water. After positioning the frames, the panels are adorned with ultra-thin glasses to provide the finishing touch.


To maintain its dominance in the foldable smartphone industry, Samsung must utilize its extensive knowledge and strong market position. in the face of escalating rivalry from firms like Xiaomi, Oppo, Honour, and Vivo. Samsung aims to reclaim its position as the leading smartphone producer by implementing inkjet printing technology.


Samsung’s decision to lower the cost of foldable devices enables them to strengthen their dedication to innovation and technological progress in the business.

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