Samsung is ready for satellite connection

The Galaxy S24 series will be the first to have it, and Samsung is ready for satellite connection.


The head of Samsung’s System LSI business recently stated that the company will begin supporting satellite services for emergency contact in 2019, which suggests that the Galaxy S24 series of mobile phones set to debut in 2019 will have the ability to communicate with one another via satellite.

Galaxy S24 devices may feature Samsung’s recently announced mechanism for enabling two-way satellite connectivity for smartphones. It is not known, however, if this capability is shared by all Galaxy S24 series phones or if it is exclusive to the Galaxy S24 Ultra.


Samsung is ready for satellite connection

Information and Communications Minister Lee Jong-ho was quoted in an August 2018 interview with Yonhap News as saying that South Korean smartphone manufacturers plan to roll out a service in 2019 that will enable data transmission between 5G mobile phones and satellites. This news was first reported by IT House.

Since LG has discontinued its smartphone operation, Samsung is the only significant smartphone brand in South Korea. This could mean that Samsung will incorporate satellite communication capabilities into their phones in 2019.

In the interview, Lee Jong-ho stated: “I can’t say for sure, but I know that the domestic industry is considering commercializing this service next year, and I look forward to formulating a standard related to satellite communications next year.” The Galaxy S24 series will be the first to have it, and Samsung is ready for satellite connection

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Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series of smartphones, all of which were released this year, have Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors that enable them to establish a connection with LEO (low earth orbit) satellites for usage in times of crisis communication. However, devices in the Galaxy S23 lineup lack support for this functionality.


Samsung stated earlier this year that it would wait for the satellite communications ecosystem to mature before releasing any new capabilities that would take use of this. It has been claimed that Samsung is collaborating with Iridium Communications to provide emergency communications services via Iridium’s low-orbit satellite network.


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