6G May Arrive Soon


As 5G technology has become more established over time, several countries are making the switch to it. However, as a result of that being a success, many people are looking forward to moving to 6G as soon as possible. Technological businesses and even governments have expressed a strong interest in the subject.

Performance criteria for 6G connectivity include a peak data throughput of 1 Tbps, a latency of less than 100 ms, and other requirements. When compared to existing networking technology, 6G can produce peak data speeds that are 50 times higher and latency that is ten times lower than the current technology.

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Countries with a strong interest in the future of networking technology, such as South Korea, are among the most prominent. According to the Presidential Transition Committee:

Regarding future economic development drivers, the current administration is concentrating on non-memory chip technology, future automobiles and biotechnology, and healthcare. The new government intends to expand 6G communications, secondary batteries, displays, defence and aerospace, an advanced nuclear power plant, and digital content to the list of priorities for the country.

6G May Arrive Soon

Numerous companies are trying to produce 6G prototypes by 2026 in order for the technology to be readily available for commercialization by the late 2020s. The South Korean government, on the other hand, is keen to develop the technology and wants it completed as quickly as feasible.

6G technology is still in the early stages of development and requires a significant amount of research and development. Although slow, work is being made, and the South Korean government’s intentions might become a reality as soon as the end of this year.

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