After Watching The Legend Of Maula Jatt, Karan Johar Calls Bilal Lashari


After Watching The Legend Of Maula Jatt, Karan Johar Calls Bilal Lashari


According to The Legend of Maula Jatt crew, the Pakistani movie has nearly made 200 crores at the box office. The public’s reaction to the movie has been incredible. Pakistani film The Legend of Maula Jatt has a high budget. The movie is produced and directed by Ammarah Hikmat and stars Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Humaima Malick, Ali Azmat, Faris Shafi, and Gohar Rasheed among a star-studded ensemble.


We just got a picture of Karan Johar viewing The Legend of Maula Jatt in a theatre. According to Gohar Rasheed’s claim, the Indian filmmaker appreciated the movie. Gohar Rasheed, a Pakistani actor who starred in the movie Super Over, revealed that Bilal Lashari, a Bollywood producer and director, phoned him after seeing the movie and gave it a high review. It’s a tremendous deal for the team, according to Gohar Rasheed. He viewed it as a turning point and a source of national pride.

One YouTube user said that Pakistani artists have an inferiority complex, while another claimed that everyone knows Karan Johar viewed the movie because of Fawad Khan.

What do you think of Karan Johar’s phone call to Bilal Lashari? Please let us know!

Final Words

The Legend Of Maula Jutt, in my opinion, is a masterpiece of Pakistani cinema. In the past several months, particularly during Covid 19, Pakistani cinema has experienced a lot of ups and downs. In Pakistani theatres, we desperately need films of this scale and class that are also expertly produced, directed, and written. Everyone enjoys watching this movie, but the most crucial aspect in my opinion is that each character—whether they play the hero, the antagonist, or a supporting role—has their own charm. Whether or not Karan Johar called Bilal Lashari, the fantastic thing is that we eventually created a film that broke all records of Punjabi films. It received praise outside of borders as well.

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