All new Apple TV kids shows

All new Apple TV kids shows announced for the back-to-school season


Apple has updated its schedule for the autumn lineup of children’s programming that will be available on TV+. This includes both new and returning series.

Apple has stated that it plans to release “fresh, original series,” “new on-screen imaginings of iconic franchises,” and “returning fan-favourite and critically acclaimed shows.” All of these things are in the works.


All new Apple TV kids shows

When it comes to the “vibrant fall slate,” as Apple describes it, what kind of content can you anticipate finding on Apple TV+ for your children to watch? The following is the scoop:

All new Apple TV kids shows announced for the back-to-school season

Slumberkins is a puppet show and animation that originates from the well-known Jim Henson studio. Interrupting Chicken is an animation that is based on a well-known children’s book written by David Ezra Stein. Sago Mini Friends is an animated series for preschoolers that is based on characters from the Sago Mini World.
The children’s science fiction programme known as Circuit Breakers

Returning Apple TV+ children’s series

  • Peanuts specials (9/9), including He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown; He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown; It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown; It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown; There’s No Time for Love, Charlie Brown; Why, Charlie Brown, Why?; You’re in Love, Charlie Brown; and You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown.
  • Wolfboy, Everything Factory, Get Rolling With Otis (9/30)
  • Hello, Jack! (10/7)
  • Ghostwriter (10/21)

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