Apple App Store allows retro game emulators


The relevant clauses that had previously forbidden the use of emulators on iPhones and iPads were removed from Apple’s App Store guidelines, and new text about mini-games, mini-applications, and game emulators was added.

A new clause (4.7) has been added by Apple to the App Store application approval process. IT Home has included the pertinent content in the attachment.


Apple App Store allows retro game emulators

4.7 Chatbots, Plugins, Mini Apps, Mini Games, and Streaming Games
Some software—particularly mini-Apps, mini-games, streaming games, chatbots, and plug-ins—may not come with embedded binaries in Apps. All of the software that is included in your app is your responsibility, and you are also responsible for making sure that the software abides by the laws that may be relevant as well as the guidelines. Your application will be rejected if it contains software that breaches any one or more of the rules. Additionally, you need to make sure that the software abides by the extra guidelines in 4.7.1 and 4.7.5. These extra guidelines are necessary to protect user safety and preserve the App Store experience that users have grown to expect.

4.7.1 App software that complies with these rules has to:

Respect all privacy regulations, including but not restricted to “Principle 5.1″‘s rules about the gathering, using, and sharing of sensitive data (such as health information and children’s personal information);

Include tools for reporting content and quickly addressing issues, methods for screening for problematic content, and the capacity to ban abusive users;

Utilise in-app purchases to offer customers digital products or services.

4.7.2 Without Apple’s prior consent, your app is not permitted to expand or expose the software’s native platform API.

4.7.3 In every case, your app must obtain the user’s express approval before sharing any data or privacy permissions from any specific software that it offers.

4.7.4 The software and metadata that are available in your application must be indexed, and this index must have universal connections to all of the software that is available in your application.

4.7.5 The age rating that your app uses has to be the highest age rating for the content that it offers.

At the moment, the emulator is legal in the video game business. The user’s ROM is the key to solving the issue. It is also acceptable if the user makes use of a purchased ROM. On the other hand, if the user utilises a ROM that was not purchased or that came via some third-party sources The practice of ROM cracking is debatable.

Numerous emulators are currently accessible for Mac and additional systems. It’s likely that these emulators will soon be available on iOS and iPadOS.

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