Apple iOS/iPadOS 17.4 Developer Preview Beta 3


Upon reviewing Apple’s official update log, it was discovered that the content of the log is identical to that of iOS 17.4 Beta 2. This version primarily focuses on the upcoming laws that are scheduled to be enforced in the European market in March. Additionally, it enhances and fine-tunes many components and APIs, including StoreKit.

The iOS/iPadOS 17.4 Beta 2 update log includes the following information:


Traditional Identified problems
The default browser selection screen may not appear as anticipated, and certain controlled permissions programs may encounter installation failures or display error messages.

To resolve the issue, access the Settings menu and locate the Privacy & Security section. From there, select the Location Services option. Disable the location services for 10 seconds, and subsequently re-enable them.

App Store: Resolved the problem where certain App Store product pages would exhibit the “Unable to connect to iTunes Store” error.

Apple iOS/iPadOS 17.4 Developer Preview Beta 3

The BrowserEngineKit is a toolkit for browser engine development.
Existing problem: The SDK lacks the createVisibilityPropagationInteraction symbol.

HomeKit Known limitations: The live video feed from HomeKit cameras may not be accessible once you have left your home.

Resolution: Reboot the device on which you are now viewing the video.

Maps Current problems: MapKit SwiftUI applications may exhibit inaccurate map modes when displaying walking and cycling routes.

Messages: Known issues: When utilizing Memoji or third-party stickers, empty spaces may appear unexpectedly.

Object Capture New feature: If the automatic object detection fails to discover an object, particularly when there is no visible ground plane, a manual bounding box process is now activated.

During this procedure, the user employs conventional manual bounding box controls to specify the bounding box of the item to be captured. This is achieved by changing a starting box positioned in the user’s field of view.

The user can ascertain the activation of this mode by observing the newly introduced element. The “objectNotDetected” event will be included in the Feedback setting of the ObjectCaptureSession when the manual flow is activated. This tool can be utilized to deliver notifications and/or guidance to users on the manual box procedure, as required.

Issues have been resolved.
Resolved a bug where the ObjectCaptureView would inaccurately rotate point cloud views when the UI orientation is in landscape mode.

The process of generating photogrammetry sessions on iOS has been greatly expedited.

Resolved a memory leak that occurred when an ObjectCaptureSession was utilized within a SwiftUI environment or when it was destroyed without allowing the cleanup process to finish.

Audio program
Existing problems: Occasionally, while clicking on a podcast episode in Recent Searches, the user is redirected to the Recent Searches view instead of the podcast episode product page.

Resolution: Users can swipe to delete a show from the list of recently searched items, and subsequently conduct a fresh search.

Setup Assistant: Known problems: When configuring a new device using Quick Start, the process of pairing may be unsuccessful.

Resolution: Configure additional devices manually.

Sharing iPad Noteworthy problems: Upon a user’s login on a shared iPad, there may be an occurrence of a “Loading” screen in the Files app.

Resolution: Reboot the Files program.

Introducing a novel feature in StoreKit.
During StoreKit tests in Xcode, if the “Enable Billing Retry on Renewal” setting in the StoreKit configuration file is turned on, a StoreKit message indicating a billing error is sent when a membership tries to renew. Utilize the message listener API to regulate the timing of StoreKit messages within your application.

The productDescriptionHidden (_:) API allows developers to customize the visibility of product descriptions in various instances of the view hierarchy, such as ProductView, StoreView, and SubscriptionStoreView. When developing applications using Xcode 15.3, you can utilize this view modifier regardless of whether your application is operating on iOS 17.0, iPadOS 17.0, macOS 14.0, tvOS 17.0, watchOS 10.0, visionOS 1.0, or any subsequent versions.

To observe the new view modifier, examine the descriptionVisibility property on the configuration value if you have applied your product view style.

To display promotional information, you can utilize a SubscriptionStoreView and incorporate the subscriptionPromotionalOffer (offer: signature:) modification.

If you have utilized the inAppPurchaseOptions (_:) modification to facilitate promotional offers for StoreKit views, it is advisable to switch to the new API when your app is functioning on iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4, tvOS 17.4, watchOS 10.4, visionOS 1.1, or subsequent versions.

Resolved problems
Updated: The properties isEligibleForIntroOffer and isEligibleForIntroOffer (for:) now accurately indicate if a consumer qualifies for an offer even if they are not currently subscribed. Consequently, individuals who do not now meet the requirements for the initial promotion may become eligible at a later time.

Customers who avail themselves of an initial promotional offer for a subscription group will be permanently ineligible to avail themselves of any subsequent promotional offers within that same subscription group. To identify this, you can verify whether any of the transactions include a subscriptionGroupID that corresponds to the introductory characteristic on the offer.

Resolved a problem that resulted in SKAdNetwork versions 2.2 and 3.0 being unable to receive impressions or transmit postbacks.

Resolved a problem that failed specifically authorized “Ask to Purchase” transactions.

SwiftUI introduces a novel feature.
The table now can accommodate a variable number of columns using the new TableColumnForEach feature.

Pop-up presentations will now immediately close if they exceed the designated safe area.

How do I update the development version and public beta version of iOS/iPadOS/watchOS/macOS?
To update to the developer preview version and public beta version of iOS/iPad OS 17, you can seek guidance from friends who have already shared their experiences. Post 1 of experience || Post 2 of experience || Post 3 of experience || Post 4 of experience.

Beginning with iOS/iPadOS 16.4 Developer Preview Beta 1, it is necessary to enroll in the Apple Developer Programme. Upon completing the registration process, navigate to the system’s [Settings] and select [Software Update] to access the option for upgrading. Kindly be aware that to access the upgrade option in settings, your iPhone or iPad must be logged in with the identical Apple ID that you utilized to enroll in the Apple Developer Programme.

In forthcoming iterations of iOS and iPadOS, this novel configuration will serve as the method for activating developer previews and public betas, rendering configuration profiles obsolete in granting access.

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