Apple iPhone 16 Pro has entered the “Proto2” development stage


According to MacRumors, the iPhone 16 Pro is currently in the “Proto2” development stage. Apple has chosen to discontinue the prior prototype design. The design of the operation button closely resembles that of the iPhone 15 Pro model.

Apple conducted tests on four different button combinations and two different sizes during the development of the iPhone 16 Pro model.


Consolidated volume buttons accompanied by compact action buttons

The volume buttons have been integrated into a single unit, featuring prominently sized action buttons and a newly added camera button.

The volume buttons, operation buttons, and camera buttons are seamlessly integrated into the frame.

The device features separate volume buttons, compact operating buttons, a dedicated camera button, and a frame.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro has entered the “Proto2” development stage

Project Bongo designed the initial prototype of the iPhone 16 Pro. The device had a consolidated volume button and a compact multifunction button, both situated on the left side, while the power button was positioned on the right side. Nevertheless, as a result of subpar test outcomes and a significant incidence of hardware malfunctions, Apple discontinued the utilization of this particular design.

However, a component of the Bongo Project’s design, namely the integrated volume buttons, was present in the initial design concepts of the iPhone 16 Pro.

The iPhone 16 Pro’s second prototype features unified volume buttons, along with a larger action button that is approximately the same size as the volume buttons. The prototype incorporates a camera button positioned below the power button on the right side.

The subsequent iterations (depicted above) showcased distinct volume buttons instead of a consolidated button layout. Apple intends to incorporate capacitive action buttons and camera buttons into these upcoming products. These buttons will be seamlessly integrated into the bezel and will utilize force sensor technology.

Apple has once again modified the action buttons in the most recent “Proto2” design. Apple has now implemented a smaller action button that closely resembles the one found on the iPhone 15 Pro, replacing the previous larger and more prominent design.

The implications of this design alteration on Apple’s progress with capacitive action buttons remain uncertain. However, the magnitude of this change strongly indicates that it has been either abandoned or postponed for a forthcoming iteration of the iPhone.

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