Best Online Android Games to Play in 2023


While you are in quarantine, one of the most satisfying ways to pass the time is by playing games with others. Here are some online Android mobile games that you and your loved ones can enjoy together when you are required to remain in quarantine. These are the top mobile and online games for android devices that you may play in your spare time.

Best Online Android Games to Play in 2023



There is absolutely no need for me to present PUBG. It is a well-known tactic and an online game that can be played with your pals on android and iOS devices. 4 people on your squad, a total of 100 players, and just one arena to dominate to claim victory. A really entertaining and addicting game that may be played with other people!

2. Clash Royale

Users of Supercell’s games have never been let down by the company’s ability to create games that are both enjoyable and amazing. Supercell has released yet another game called Clash Royale, which has a wide variety of engaging gameplay options. The objective of the game is to amass an unbeatable army, defend your own three towers, and eliminate all of the foe’s towers. Collaborate with your close companions to achieve this goal!

3. Asphalt 9

What could be more fun than playing a game online? – A video game about driving fast cars online! Asphalt 9 is a step in the direction of a more thrilling and exciting life. During the period of quarantine, you should allow your friends to compete with you for a chance to win.

4. Call Of Duty Mobile

Another type of battleground video game, Call of Duty lets players equip themselves with weapons and materials to defend themselves and their allies from their foes and eliminate those who threaten them. Whoever is the first to die is eliminated from the competition. During this period of lockdown, you and your pals can enjoy playing a really exciting and engaging online game.

5. Airport City

Another type of management game is called The Airport City, and in it, you play the role of the mayor of the airport city and are tasked with building and managing the city. At a far more localized level, the airport city imparts fundamental information regarding the administration of a state or provides an understanding of investment, revenue creation, and a great deal more. Is this some kind of a game, or what am I talking about? In any case, it is a pretty thrilling and entertaining game to play, and it can be found online.

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