Facebook Dating Is Now Required Age Verification

Facebook Dating Is Now Required Age Verification

Social media platforms are attempting to do more to restrict access by children in order to reduce such hazards in light of increased complaints of underage users accessing social applications, being exposed to hazardous content, as well as online predators.

With the addition of its age verification capabilities, provided by Yoti, to Facebook Dating in the US today, Meta has made progress in this direction.

“Facebook Dating is only available to users who are at least 18 years old, and age verification technologies will assist ensure that only adults are using the site and prevent children from utilizing it.”

Facebook Dating Gets Age Verification To Prevent Minors From Accessing  'Experiences Meant For Adults' - Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META) - Benzinga

Meta has been investing in a variety of artificial intelligence-based age identification systems as governments put more pressure on online corporations to implement minimal precautions.

Although Meta hasn’t completely described the signs it searches for to determine a person’s age, it has previously stated that it may scan things like users’ birthday postings because friends frequently respond with the poster’s genuine age in their answers.

After encouraging users to start sharing their birthdays last year, Meta is already experimenting with this technology on Instagram. This summer, if a user claimed to be 18 or older, it started asking them for their ID or a video selfie.

The same evaluation will now be extended to Facebook Dating, a feature of Facebook’s product where allowing participation by minors may provide even greater challenges.

In order to prevent those under the age of 18 from accessing experiences intended for adults, we have been testing age verification tools and deploying age detection technology as part of our commitment to ensuring that people have age-appropriate experiences across all of our technologies.

Similar to Instagram, Facebook’s AI will prompt users to confirm their age if it thinks they may be under 18 and trying to use the Facebook dating app.

The business claims that its Facebook Dating test of age verification tools will launch in the United States but will later expand the tools to other international markets.

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