Government Issues Warning About Israeli Hackers Working in Pakistan

The federal government has sent a warning to provincial and ministry levels in Pakistan over the operations of Israeli hackers in that country. Recent reports suggest that hackers in Israel have emerged and are actively collecting personal information from ordinary Israelis. They’re using multiple social media to hone in on certain users.

Reports state, “Hackers in Israel have become active, stealing citizens’ personal information.” “Citizens are being targeted with various social media platforms,” sources have warned.

In addition, Ottawa has issued a circular to all provincial departments and agencies with a similar warning.


Government Issues Warning About Israeli Hackers Working in Pakistan


“Israeli companies working to steal personal information of citizens,” according to official sources. A “Government circular has advised avoiding the exchange of personal information with suspected companies,” so the rumor goes.

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“The government’s circular also carries cyber security guidelines to avoid being targeted by hackers,” stated the sources.

The official message warns, “Do not share personal email ID with any unknown person.” “Stay away from using work email for personal correspondence,” it warns.

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Guidelines for cyber security advise against disclosing private information or uploading sensitive files to unknown websites. In order to avoid being hacked, the rules also recommend never clicking on links from sources you don’t know.

In addition, citizens should avoid installing unknown or potentially malicious software on their mobile devices. For the same reason, they shouldn’t trust any public WIFI networks.

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