Hacking Attempt Safe City Authority Offline


Police authorities revealed on Saturday that the web system of the Islamabad Safe City Authority became inoperable after a hacking attempt. According to reports from Dawn, the incident took place two days ago, which led to the system being shut down.

On Thursday, cybercriminals successfully breached the main server, obtaining unauthorized access to vital data and information, particularly those associated with criminal databases. In response, officials promptly disabled the servers responsible for managing the Complaint Management System, Criminal Management Record System, Human Resources Management System, and various other operational software and apps as a precautionary step.


Hacking Attempt Safe City Authority Offline


Although equipped with a firewall intended to notify authorities of unwanted access attempts, officials disclosed the absence of backup or alternative servers to sustain the software and applications’ performance. The absence of redundancy required them to be shut down immediately.

As a result of the intrusion, the IT department deactivated all access to the software and applications, which are crucial entry points to several servers and operational software. A law enforcement official underlined that this breach was not a conventional hacking occurrence, but rather occurred due to login credentials being exposed. Officials exploited these credentials by utilizing uncomplicated and readily predictable passwords. Furthermore, the system’s software and applications were obsolete and had expired licenses, exacerbating its susceptibility.

The affected system includes a wide array of services, such as mobile applications, smart police car records, police station data, video analytics, Islamabad Traffic Police operations, e-challan data, and criminal records. Although the compromised system has a wide coverage, the Safe City camera management system runs on distinct lines, guaranteeing its security. This system remains inactive and invulnerable to unauthorized access without appropriate credentials.

The hacking effort was confirmed by police spokeswoman Taqi Jawad, who stated that the firewall immediately generated an alarm. As a precautionary step, all logins were swiftly shut down. For security reasons, all logins have been disabled for the previous forty-eight hours to allow for the upgrading of credentials. This step has momentarily impacted the ability of a large number of police personnel to access something.

This incident highlights the importance of implementing strong cybersecurity measures, such as regularly updating software and apps, enforcing stricter password protocols, and setting up backup servers to ensure uninterrupted operations in the presence of cyber threats.

Following the incident, the authorities must carry out a comprehensive evaluation of their cybersecurity protocols. Enforcing more stringent password regulations and regularly updating software licenses can effectively mitigate such problems. In addition, allocating resources to advanced security infrastructure, such as intrusion detection systems and backup servers, will strengthen the ability of vital systems to withstand cyber-attacks.

To ensure the smooth functioning of critical services, the Islamabad Safe City Authority must give top priority to cybersecurity measures aimed at protecting sensitive data. To enhance their system’s security and safeguard against future hacking efforts, they must rectify the identified weaknesses and fortify their defenses.

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