iPhone SE 2022 & 2020 PTA Taxes Updated


Fans of the iPhone who are unable to buy the most recent model of the mainstream iPhone typically choose the more affordable iPhone SE (special edition). The iPhone SE 2022 and the iPhone SE 2020 are the most recent entries in this class. They include a good build quality and amazing specs, in addition to the traditional iPhone design that has been used up until the iPhone 8 model. Before the FBR made the announcement that smartphone costs would be lowered, the PTA taxes on these relatively inexpensive iPhones were far higher than they are now. Users of the iPhone SE were dissuaded from registering their devices with PTA as a result. This is not the situation at this time. Now, let’s investigate the latest changes to the PTA taxes that apply to the iPhone SE 2022 and the iPhone SE 2020.

iPhone SE 2022 & 2020 PTA Taxes Updated


iPhone Models PTA taxes on Passport (PKR) PTA Taxes on CNIC (PKR)
iPhone SE 2022 38,094/-. 47,403/-.
iPhone SE 2020 38,094/-. 47,403/-.

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