Maria Malik Creates Fun Video for Social Media


When famous people submit funny or otherwise engaging content on social media, it immediately becomes viral. Maria Malik, a promising young TV actor, recently went viral on social media after entertaining viewers with a comedic clip. Her next TV drama likely used the reel as a promotional tool.

Maria got a lot of likes and comments following the most recent viral video, which many of her followers saw. Maria Malik’s thousands of Instagram and TikTok followers are relevant to this discussion. Posting popular comedy reels is a common way she entertains her audience.


Maria Malik Creates Fun Video for Social Media

With the subtitle “During drama shooting,” Maria can be seen in the most recent video clip applying lipstick as she lip-synced to a comedic script. To be on the cautious side, she noted in the screenplay that she avoids doing house tasks.

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A video of the actor displaying a somewhat peculiar lesson she picked up from bees was previously released online. “If anybody bothers you, just attack them,” the celebrity repeated in the video, with a poker straight expression. This is something she learned from honeybees.

Dil Hi Tou Hai, a new drama serial, also featured Maria with Ali Ansari, Zoya Nasir, and Hammad Shoaib, among others.

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