Meizu 21 mobile phone is equipped with Meizu


On November 30, at the Meizu Autumn Unbounded Ecological Conference, the public can get their hands on the new Meizu 21 smartphone.

Shen Ziyu, Chairman and CEO of Xingji Meizu Group, got things going on social media today. Meizu 21 features the company’s most powerful processor to date.


The official didn’t tout the industry leader, and they didn’t take on the mEngine 5.0 moniker, so they altered it. Supercharged mEngine Ultra.

Meizu 21 mobile phone is equipped with Meizu


This poster advertises a 602mm3 vibration motor that employs the mEngine Ultra full-link vibration solution.

In addition, Meizu 21 is the first batch to be equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, which promises to have “unique “Meizu flavor” tweaking. 4gpackages said the intelligent thinking engine One Mind 10.5 will help the Meizu 21 has a “longer battery life” and “stronger performance, lower power consumption, and faster operation.

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The Meizu 21 is advertised as having a 1.74 mm narrow bezel, which “challenges the world’s narrowest bottom bezel” and creates perfectly square corners.

The revelation that the white version of the Meizu 21 mobile phone is not significantly larger than competing devices was broken by a blogger at We estimate the border control to be “friendly” and the cost to be around $4,000.

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