Meizu opens the 2023 Mobile Hundred Flowers Awards

Huawei Mate 60 Pro, Meizu 21, Xiaomi 14


The launch of the 2023 Mobile Phone Hundred Flowers Awards was announced today by Meizu Technology. The Xiaomi 14, OnePlus 12, Redmi K70 Pro, Huawei Mate 60 Pro, Meizu 21, OnePlus 12, and Vivo X100 Pro are on the shortlist for the Most Popular Mobile Phone Award. (Voting link on WeChat)

Huawei Mate 60 Pro: It’s the ultimate comeback. In the history of Chinese mobile phone technology, it represents a significant development. The rivers are thousands of miles long, and they are centered around mountains. It’s the [watershed moment] for Huawei smartphones. Our inner [competitiveness] aspires to be far superior.


Meizu 21: The most exquisite model with a straight screen has debuted. The most attractive direct-screen model has become the most popular search term on eight major online platforms. For the past eight days, it has dominated the sales rankings. It is highly sought after by attractive people and is rare in the industry.

Meizu opens the 2023 Mobile Hundred Flowers Awards

Xiaomi 14: It will be the first class of domestic high-end flagships of the year; never give up on the fantastic things that are about to come. Finally, the small-screen flagship is a reality thanks to Leica Optics! Xiaomi’s foray into the upscale market is almost a given.

OnePlus 12: You can test your edge one day, but it takes ten years to sharpen a sword. One piece, all-around promotion—a decade of real work for the fans.

The Redmi K70 Pro is the most economical option available and the end of domestic imitation phones. Customers are provided with the best configuration available for this amount, and the company consistently strives to create high-quality items that are reasonably priced and resonate with people.

vivo X100 Pro: Zeiss Imaging and vivo collaborate to present the Blue Moving Water Cube, which is becoming more and more well-known.

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Voting for this event is scheduled to take place from December 21, 2023, to December 26, 2023, according to reports. Voting is available to those who visit Meizu Technology’s official account and select Custom Menu – Self-Service – 2023 Mobile Hundred Flowers Award.

Meizu also introduced the Best Folding Phone Award, Best Gaming Phone Award, Best Handcart Internet Award, Best Appearance Mobile Phone Award, Best Mobile Phone System Award, Best Imaging Mobile Phone Award, and the Most Popular Mobile Phone Award. Interested friends can check out the Best Innovative Mobile Phone Award, Best Vibration Sensing Mobile Phone Award, Best Overseas Mobile Phone Award, Best Cross-border Brand Award, and other accolades.

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