Mobile Operators Cast Doubt on PTA Jazz Ufone

PTA’s claims of conformance on QoS has been refuted by Jazz, who believe PTA’s survey is faulty. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority recently completed a Quality of Service (QoS) audit of cellular wireless carriers (CMOs) and fined Pakistan’s largest telecom operator, Jazz, a huge sum.

The disputed fine comes at a time when the PTA was unable to persuade cell companies to buy more spectrum. PTA is said to be adopting such techniques as retaliation against cell providers for its unsuccessful spectrum auction.

“Jazz believes that there is a clear divergence in the technical process employed by PTA in measuring the quality of services and the agreed mechanisms, which has led to such contested findings,” Jazz said in a statement about the recent PTA decision. Still, Jazz is studying PTA’s decision and will respond as soon as possible, as our top focus continues to provide the best possible customer experience.”

Jazz believes the PTA’s Service quality Survey is inaccurate.

Jazz, a cellular mobile operator (CMO), has the country’s largest subscription base. It means that, in comparison to other telecom carriers, Jazz will have greater maintenance problems. As a result, compared to other telecom carriers, Jazz has invested more in the maintenance of its services and has a larger workforce.

Jazz has failed to meet Quality on key performance measures, according to the national telecom regulatory. As a result, the PTA has imposed a hefty fine of PKR 30 million on Jazz for non-compliance with service quality standards (QoS). Jazz, on the other hand, has refuted all of these allegations and requested an investigation of PTA’s latest polling. There’s a good chance that jazz is correct and that the PTA personnel who did the survey were inept and careless.

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