Pakistanis Can’t See YouTube Channel Pages’ New ‘Podcasts’ Button


In recent years, podcasts have seen a meteoric rise in popularity across the board, and numerous content providers have begun to incorporate podcasts into their repertoires as a result. YouTube has responded to this need by adding a “Podcasts” button to the various channel pages. Yet, a significant number of people are continuing to hold out hope that podcasts will eventually be made broadly available on YouTube Music in the United States.

Pakistanis Can’t See YouTube Channel Pages

Between “Live” and “Playlists” on channel sites, the “Podcasts” button has just been added to the primary YouTube website as well as the mobile applications. It has been asserted by a reliable source that Google has confirmed to them that the feature is accessible all around the world. Nevertheless, when we checked from our location in Pakistan, we discovered that the podcasts button is not there on either the website or the mobile app.



This brand-new feature showcases playlists that YouTube Creators have labeled as podcasts. When compared to looking for the special show by its name or manually traversing the Playlists tab, which still displays podcasts without any sort of categorization, this is a significant improvement.


On the other hand, content that is only relevant to podcasts will be displayed on YouTube Music. Following its launch on Wednesday of last week, this functionality is currently being put through its paces in a test environment and is only accessible to a select group of users. Visitors to the new Podcasts website can choose which of their favorite shows will be accessible on YouTube Music and can also encourage Producers to post episodes of their shows as videos. These options are available to users who are anticipating the release of this service.


At this time, the podcast experience available within the primary YouTube app is mostly focused on video. Google has extended an invitation to Creators, asking them to submit square cover images, although these images have not yet been made public.

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