PTA Taxes on iPhone 12 Series

People have become more interested in the new taxes, particularly on iPhones, following the drop in PTA taxes on devices. PTA taxes on iPhone 14 pro devices and the iPhone 13 series have already been discussed. It is now time to discuss the PTA taxes on the iPhone 12 series. Many iPhone fans are still ready to buy any iPhone 12 model because it has the same design and practically all of the features seen in the new iPhone lines. Furthermore, the Apple brand itself entices customers to purchase an iPhone. As a result, let us look at the newly updated PTA taxes on the iPhone 12 series.

PTA Taxes on iPhone 12 Series

iPhone Models PTA Taxes on Passport (PKR)  PTA Taxes on CNIC (PKR)
iPhone 12 mini 75,450/-. 94,078/-.
iPhone 12 86,165/-. 107,432/-.
iPhone 12 Pro  103,335/-. 125,205/-.
iPhone 12 Pro Max 107,325/-. 130,708/-.


PTA charges have been reduced significantly, which will entice many iPhones 12 users to register their devices with PTA. Nonetheless, we urge that the FBR lower these charges even further in order to facilitate smartphone registration.

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