realme GT5 Pro mobile phone launch conference


The official announcement has been made for the launch conference of the realme GT5 Pro mobile phone, scheduled to take place at 14:00 on December 7. The conference will be centred around the theme of “Performance first, unparalleled images.” realme GT5 Pro mobile phone launch conference

As to the official pre-launch information provided by realme, the realme GT5 Pro smartphone is distinguished as the first device in the mobile phone industry to incorporate the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset in conjunction with the IMX890 telephoto lens. The device is integrated with the ArcSoft algorithm. In a groundbreaking development within the industry, the telephoto end now incorporates advanced features such as main camera-level DOL-HDR, multi-frame optimisation, and ultra-high-definition capabilities. The high dynamic range (HDR) effect is a technique used to enhance the visual quality of an image or video by expanding the range of luminosity and colour representation.


The realme GT5 Pro smartphone will also include a Sony optical sensor. The recent revelation made by blogger @digitalchatstation indicates that the realme GT5 Pro smartphone is equipped with a triad of rear camera sensors, namely identified as L YT808, OV08D10, and IMX890. To clarify, the primary camera of the recently released smartphone employs the identical LYT808 sensor seen in the OnePlus 12 model.

You Must LearnĀ realme GT5 Pro phones will launch in November

According to a recent report by, the Realme GT5 Pro is anticipated to be equipped with a BOE customised flagship screen, which is expected to be the leading offering in the global market. This screen is projected to possess a micro-curved ultra-narrow design, utilising BOE’s latest base material and boasting a resolution of 1.5K. Furthermore, it is anticipated to exhibit a peak brightness surpassing 3000nit. Furthermore, the display quality, eye protection SVM, and frame control of this mobile phone screen are considered to be in the forefront of the industry.

The phone has successfully obtained certification from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has subsequently released its identification photograph. The utilisation of a camera module with a substantial circular shape in its centre is evident. The placement of the realme logo is situated at the lower right section of the module. The display of the phone exhibits a curved form. The product offers a White variant as an option.

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