Hidden feature of Samsung Galaxy S24 series mobile phones


The Galaxy S24 series of smartphones was unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked conference, which commenced early yesterday morning. The primary emphasis was on the seamless integration of numerous Galaxy AI features, along with the introduction of Super HDR technology.

The source Mishaal Rahman recently posted on Twitter that Samsung has incorporated the SDR dimming feature into the Galaxy S24 series smartphones. This function dynamically modifies both standard dynamic range (SDR) and high dynamic range (HDR) parts to enhance the quality of mixed content. Optical perception.


SDR dimming is a software-driven method that precisely controls the brightness of certain SDR elements shown on an HDR screen.

A hidden feature of Samsung Galaxy S24 series mobile phones

As an illustration, the notification shade or application interface in an HDR movie can be slightly darkened, while the video itself keeps its full HDR brightness and contrast.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 utilizes the new system API of Android 14 to detect and regulate the brightness of individual pixels in the display content. This methodology enables a more accurate and nuanced dimming effect in contrast to prior techniques that merely decrease the overall brightness of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra mobile phone supports 4K120FPS video

SDR dimming is a method that reduces the brightness of SDR portions while preserving the brightness of HDR highlights. This results in a more visually harmonized and uniform viewing experience. Furthermore, through the selective dimming of pixels, SDR dimming might somewhat decrease power usage while mixed information is being displayed.

In dimly lit conditions, the reduced luminosity of non-HDR components alleviates ocular fatigue while enhancing the legibility of text and other elements in the user interface.

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