Samsung SmartTag2 Gets Durable


Samsung, a global leader in technology, has released the SmartTag2 upgrade. The new Samsung SmartTag2 has improved durability and adaptability, a longer battery life, and a wider range of capabilities. The redesign incorporates a metal ring inside for increased versatility.



The recently unveiled smartphone includes a new mode called “Lost Mode.” The owner of a SmartTag2 can program it with their own contact details. To facilitate scanning through NFC when the tag is misplaced and subsequently found. The good news is that its owner’s details will be displayed mechanically.

Samsung SmartTag2 Gets Durable

Then, there’s the brand-new Compass View. Locating items is simplified because the SmartTag2’s orientation is displayed. But I should warn you that only UWB-enabled devices, like the Galaxy S Ultra series, may use this function. In addition, the battery life can be extended to a maximum of 700 days with the new Power Saving Mode. The lifespan of this SmartTag model is double that of its predecessor. With the introduction of SmartTag2, an upgraded version of the SmartThings Find app was also released. A modernized map view fills the entire screen. Using the same Samsung account, it may sync immediately with your new Galaxy phone. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Ultra-Wideband (UWB), and Augmented Reality (AR), the software also enables you to locate your SmartTag2 devices with the phone’s camera.


This time, the corporation prioritized the protection of your personal information. The SmartThings Find app, for instance, will send you “Unknown tag alerts” if a SmartTag device you haven’t set up is following you around. If someone has planted the tracking device on you, this is how you’ll discover it. It’s an effective method for preventing the misuse of SmartTags. On October 11, 2018, Samsung will release the SmartTag2 worldwide at a price of $30.

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