SmartSite introduces a 50MP 0.7μm pixel mobile phone image sensor


SmartWay, a supplier of CMOS image sensors, has unveiled a new device called SC5000CS, which is a 50-megapixel image sensor specifically designed for mobile phone applications.



This new back-illuminated (BSI) image sensor has a pixel size of 0.702μm. It is equipped with SmartSmart SFCPixel-SL technology and supports PDAF phase detection focusing. The sensor is 1/2.5 inches in size and is suitable for usage as the main camera in smartphones.


The SC5000CS is equipped with the SFCPixel-SL technology, which is built using SmartSite’s patented SFCPixel technology architecture. By implementing a twofold conversion gain design within each pixel, the image sensor can enhance its dynamic range and provide superior performance in reducing dark field noise.


SmartSite introduces a 50MP 0.7μm pixel mobile phone image sensor


Official studies have shown that the read noise (RN) and fixed noise (FPN) of the SC5000CS are exceptionally low, measuring below 1.0e- and 0.2e- respectively. These values represent a considerable reduction of approximately 33% and 43% compared to other devices in the industry with similar specifications. The pixel response exhibits irregularities. The PRNU experiences a significant decrease of around 54%, resulting in enhanced intricacy of the visual details.


The SC5000CS has support for two different styles of high dynamic range (HDR): double exposure non-overlapping HDR and line overlap HDR (2-exp NHDR / SHDR) modes.


Furthermore, the SC5000CS offers a summation mode where it combines four pixels into one, resulting in a single pixel size of 1.404μm. This capability enables mobile phone cameras to capture high-resolution 4K photos at a smooth frame rate of 60fps.


According to Smartway’s official statement, SC5000CS is now in the sample acceptance phase and is projected to enter mass production in the second quarter of 2024.

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