Able To Transfer WhatsApp Channels Ownership Soon


WhatsApp continuously introduces new features to enhance user experience on its platform. As the most renowned messaging application globally, WhatsApp strives to provide users with maximum convenience. WhatsApp debuted the Channels feature last year, which provides users with a wide range of alternatives to follow. Recently, the number of monthly active users on WhatsApp Channels has exceeded 500 million. The corporation has been introducing additional functionalities for its Channels as well. Recently, it has been discovered that WhatsApp is actively developing a feature that allows the transfer of channel ownership. Users will have the ability to transfer ownership directly within the application.



According to sources, the Ownership Transfer feature is presently undergoing testing. Currently, it is only available to a limited number of beta testers. Nevertheless, the service will soon be available to all customers. The feature has been developed to address a persistent issue encountered by WhatsApp users who were previously unable to transfer ownership of their WhatsApp channels. This innovative feature will offer customers exceptional freedom in controlling their WhatsApp channels. It is important to note that this function is specifically designed for channel owners only. Transferring ownership of groups or individual accounts will not be included.

Able To Transfer WhatsApp Channels Ownership Soon

This new function appears to be highly useful for consumers who have had difficulties in efficiently managing their channels. WhatsApp’s objective is to simplify the process of transferring ownership, enhancing its accessibility and security for its users. Recently, the messaging platform included a comparable option for group ownership. It enables current group administrators to designate other members as administrators. Nevertheless, this capability has not been expanded to encompass the transfer of ownership inside groups. Typically, when the originator of a group leaves, the first member who was added assumes the position of the new group administrator.


WhatsApp consistently garners attention by introducing innovative and practical features. It provides an enhanced platform for brands, celebrities, and public figures to interact with their audience. Shortly, it will integrate functionalities such as voice messaging, poll creation, different administrator roles, enabling followers to post updates, and many more additions. These endeavors demonstrate WhatsApp’s substantial progress in improving the interactive and captivating characteristics of WhatsApp Channels.

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