Vivo X100 mobile phone OriginOS 4 update


At the conference announcing the new vivo imaging blueprint and X series new products, a series of new system features were introduced yesterday. These included the improved functionalities of the Blue Heart Little V, the new Blue Heart AI recorder, the office suite, and the universal document delay. Vivo X100 mobile phone OriginOS 4 update

The vivo X100 mobile phone has been updated to version of OriginOS 4, which includes the aforementioned functional enhancements. The bundle size for system installation is 1.06 GB. IT House has compiled the following status update:


Blue Heart Junior V


By utilising the “One Sentence Video Editing” feature, Blue Heart Little V will discern pertinent content from the album in accordance with your directives and modify it to create a video that exudes a more ethereal ambiance.

In addition to intelligent schedule recommendations, Lan Xin Xiao V can provide suggestions and reasonable schedule priority sorting based on your conflicting schedules.

A Minor V Helper

An additional minor V assistant is incorporated in order to enhance the initial Al subtitles. The software provides assistance in audio-to-text recording of voice and video call scenarios involving third-party entities, facilitates simultaneous bilingual display and real-time translation of multilingual calls, and intelligently generates summary summaries and to-do items with a single click subsequent to the call.

The translator

Concurrent interpretation has been incorporated to facilitate the ongoing automatic translation and recognition of speech content. The outcomes are presented in real time in order to enhance the efficacy of user translation.

Add a face-to-face dialogue translation mode and optimise dialogue translation. Users have the ability to select the most suitable dialogue translation mode based on various scenarios.

Atomic Remarks

Al note creation has been integrated, enabling the creation of over ten different categories of text with a single click. These include Xiaohongshu copywriting, weekly reports, and daily reports, among others. Additionally, existing notes can be continued, simplified, expanded, and refined.

Universal publication

The new vivo universal viewer is capable of converting files in the aforementioned formats to PDF and can be used to view files in the Pages, Keynote, and Numbers formats. Concurrently, multiple professional file formats, including CAD, PSD, Xmind, and others, can be viewed.

Engagement in multitasking

Long-pressing and dragging the graphic content from one application to another in a small-window or split-screen format is now supported by the new hyper drag and drop, enabling one-step text and image extraction and sharing across applications.

Jovi input procedure

New vocabulary resources have been added to provide a more customised vocabulary to meet input requirements.

The newly introduced “Optimise Expression” function has the capability to enhance the clarity, precision, and depth of the input content.

You can use AIGC to generate emoticon bundles with a higher degree of individualization.

Private atomic system

Integrate Atomic Notes, cameras, photo albums, and file management into the Atomic Privacy System to manage private files independently.

The Move Files/Move Files component has been added to facilitate file migration between the Atomic Privacy system and the primary system.

The ability to move the entire album container in and out has been added to facilitate the transfer of album files.

A new super secure has been added to the Atomic Privacy System; even privacy applications are unable to access it.

To enhance the efficiency of multitasking operations, optimise the split-screen integration between the Atomic Privacy System and the primary system application, as well as implement a drag-and-drop functionality for transferring images and texts between applications.

Enhance and optimise data security. The privacy system segregates data such as atomic notes, photo albums, and file management so that it is inaccessible to the main system.

depicted in

Included is the “window screenshot” option. If a screenshot is triggered while performing multitask scene operations in a small window, the system can rapidly and automatically identify the portion that requires capture.

The recorder

A novel intelligent naming feature has been incorporated to facilitate the identification of recording content and produce titles that correspond to the theme of the recording.

A call recording function has been added to applications to facilitate communication, conferencing, and other application-related conversations.

The camera

Enhance camera zoom experience and optimise zoom fluidity

The network

Enhance the adaptability and stability of the network

Bar of notifications and status

Resolved an issue in which the status bar content failed to update in certain scenarios with a low probability.

implementation of

Address the issue of excessive utilisation of certain third-party application functionalities and enhance the compatibility of third-party applications.

Visibility and illumination

Resolved a problem in which the screen luminance adjustment might fail to take effect with a low likelihood.

Multimedia content

Resolved the issue wherein music would not automatically play during music playback when the user hung up after receiving an incoming call with a low probability.

Bluetooth (Bl

Resolved the issue causing a low probability of silence when answering calls via Bluetooth earpiece.

The system

Implement Google security upgrade (2024-04) to fortify the integrity of your system.

Low probability of resolving the issue of abnormal power consumption during system standby

Low-probability resolution of the issue involving the anomalous display of the navigation bar position in the horizontal screen game interface.

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