YouTube brings a new way to browse playlists


People in this day and age have less time to look for music from the ground up, therefore in order to save time, they can choose the songs they like best and download them. In the little spare time they have due to their hectic lifestyle, they will use this opportunity to play and listen to the music they enjoy the most. Finding the piece of music that perfectly complements the state of mind of the listener is of the utmost importance. YouTube has introduced a new approach to browsing the “Mixed for you” Playlist, which takes into consideration the preferences of listeners.

YouTube is going to choose the most popular songs, take into account the mood preferences of its users, and then come up with playlists that are tailored to those individuals’ specific moods. This move by the Google-owned platform is unquestionably astute in light of the intense competition that exists in the industry, which sees the introduction of brand-new functions and improvements on a daily basis.


The platform gives users the ability to select music based on their feelings, making it ideal for mood-based listening. When I talk about moods, there are various options available for consumers to select from. These include Chill, Focus, Workout, and Energy. You could click the More button that is located in the top right corner of the screen to access the “Mixed for you” function. Previously, this was the selection of music that provided you with songs according to the mood you were in. When a user clicks this button, they will be led to a new website where they will be able to enjoy a variety of tunes that correspond to different moods all inside the same window.

YouTube brings a new way to browse playlists

Even though this is a fantastic new feature, it does not in any way render the moods that were previously introduced obsolete. This feature will continue to be useful for some people, particularly those who desire to lose themselves in music belonging to the same emotional family. Those who prefer to listen to Marshmallow of songs, on the other hand, would appreciate this option to its fullest.

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